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Homemade Khao Lam.

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Bamboo sticky rice dessert..we all love this dessert, though it's most people eat this a a very filling snack.

My wife sent me some photos of them making and cooking this very popular dessert with family and friends at her parents farm.

Most all the ingredients are homegrown, the bamboo, rice and coconuts to make the coconut milk. Just the black beans and sugar was bought.

The glutinous rice is soaked over night and the black beans are pre cooked.

I will add a few more photos as a picture speak a thousand words 😊

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Just finishing of with coconut milk and topped with grated coconut.

Topping up with homemade coconut milk.
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Now for the cooking.

Been baked
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Cooking finished, wish I was there, but I got lots of photos of the kids enjoying them 😊

Ready to eat.
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It's a lot of work, but well worth it. 😊

Cleaned and ready to eat.

Thank you for sharing these amazing photos. This isn’t something I knew at all, the whole process looks so exciting. It’s nice you were able to see your kids enjoying them.

My pleasure in sharing HungryHufflepuff, I hope people will find them interesting..Wifi and smart phones are gift from God

They certainly are πŸ“± Even in the past they were a huge gift, allowing us to keep in touch with family around the world and meet new friends such as here. Now with the dreaded virus making travel so complicated and worrying, it is such a blessing to be able to communicate with family and friends and be able to share a meal, even if only virtually.

Hi Happyman4 Really interesting to see those photos, thanks for sharing them.

Zest :-)

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