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Lunch today.

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Was a cheddar filled wholemeal roti. It was very tasty with a little salad made from fresh bok choy, plum tomato, baby cucumber, some home grown watercress and winded beans.

Perfect with a little olive oil and calamansi juice.

Method..just fry the frozen roti both sides in a little olive oil or butter..add cheese of your choice and fold over.

Outstanding 😊😘

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That looks great and so green, and it’s made my day to see you 😊 I had to look up calamansi juice, I’ve learned something new again, so thank you for that πŸ‹

Thank you HungryHufflepuff for your very kind reply, the calamansi does go by a few different names, we grow quite a lot of them in pots, they really make a super refreshing drink with ice and soda water..but they are great alternative to lemon and lime. 😊

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That looks most delicious Happyman4! The salad adds a vibrancy of colour that just makes you want to tuck in! I've never come across frozen roti but that sounds time saving! Or do you freeze your own? I'd have assumed that calamansi juice was unobtainable in UK too, but a little research has shown me it is available in some supermarkets, so it's going to be possible to give this a try too! One final query! Winding beans? I've not come across this term before and I'm wondering if these are runners? Regardless, this looks like a great lunch!

There's a couple of very good brands of frozen roti and they are so convenient, though I don't think they are as good as the freshly made roti. We grow quite a lot of the calamondin/calamansi in pots, I think they are more of a very bitter orange, but they are used as lemon or lime in the Philippines and other countries in south east Asia... it's one of my favourite juices to make a very refreshing drink with ice and soda water.. but I also use them in salads now as we have so many. Winded beans are a very delicate and mild green been when they are picked fresh from the vine, I only had one that was ready to pick today, but I was very happy to have that.

I will post a photo of the calamansi ..they flower and fruit all round and have a beautiful aromatic scent.

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Happyman4

Thanks so much Happyman4, for answering my questions so thoroughly! I think frozen roti would be such a great convenience and maybe I'll try freezing a few of my own and see how that goes, because I'm often put off having roti by thoughts of having to make them first!

I normally just make my own olive bread now and freeze some, it works out really good. Having spent 3 months in India last year, my kids really got a taste for roti and ask for it often..I will try and make some when I can find the mood for it.I hope it works out well for you, πŸ™‚

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Happyman4

My roti making came via Guyana which is my husband's country. He always used to always make them but then I learned how to make them. Silly me... it's now become my job... 🀣

Am sure it's because you make them better than him..and it's so much nicer when someone else does the cooking. My wife has learned how to make many of the dishes I used to make, and now she makes them as good, if not better, and I so much appreciate and love her for it..😁

Thank you for sharing this photo. The fruit look so vibrant πŸ˜‹

I only just realized that the leaves are covered with dried soap suds, the kids had not long ago been giving the car a good wash, so all the plants near it got a covering of soap..the car looks really nice though 😁I will have to wash the plants down in the morning. 😊

They look beautiful 😊

Beautiful as always! Good to see you again. 😊

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Happyman4 in reply to Isinatra

Thank you Isinatra..likewise in seeing my friend for life 😁

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Isinatra in reply to Happyman4


Looks delicious as always. Good to see your posts again.

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Happyman4 in reply to ELLSBELLS

Thank you so much ELLSBELLS,😊

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Kitten-whiskersVegan star

That looks really lovely, so fresh and delicious - I also had to look up Calamansi as well

They say you learn something new every day


Thank you Kitten whiskers, your right it was fresh and delicious 😊 so simple and really to eat in 5 minutes... having said that, there was the other half hour or so of cooking two roti each for the four children first..😁

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Kitten-whiskersVegan star in reply to Happyman4

Aww Bless πŸ™ƒ

Good to have you back happyman 😊 Your meal looks delicious. The one thing I've never eaten with roti is cheese. I've never bought frozen roti's as I've always made my own. Now I can't make my own roti's due to my health, I buy freshly made roti's from a Indian bakery. There not as nice as my home made ones but we seem to be managing πŸ˜• Hopefully when my health gets better I'll be able to make my own. My family can't manage without roti's and enjoy them with every curry I make. Your salad looks delicious too. Look forward to more of your post now that your back πŸ˜‹πŸ™‚

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Happyman4 in reply to Zara0123

Thank you Zara, I think I might have a go at making some roti today as I had planned on making a big batch of chicken tikka masala today so I can freeze a couple of containers of it as well as been the main meal for this's 4am now, so it's already Wednesday here.Am like you with health issues and don't always feel up to cooking to much so my wife has been doing most all the cooking.

I only come home the other day after spending a couple of weeks in a beach resort and was swimming everyday ( be it slowly) and that helped a lot..if only just to look better 😊

Hope you start to get better soon😊

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Zara0123 in reply to Happyman4

Thank you happyman πŸ™‚ I hope your stay in the beach resort has helped with your health. Enjoy your chicken tikka and roti's with your family. Make sure you get some rest too 😊

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