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Chunky vegetable soup with diced spicy sautéed potato pieces.

Hi everyone, here's a home made soup that I made in my slow cooker for lunch and instead of croutons I heated some olive oil in a pan added paprika and sweet chilli sauce before cooking the little chips of potato until they were nice and crispy on the outside and this is a great gluten free alternative to croutons.

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Your meal looks lovely and anything spicy is a home winner

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Thanks Imaaan and I agree about spicy foods. 🌶

Healthy as well Jerry, often do potato croutons in the oven which saves added oil, just use a light oil spray.

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Hi Alice and thanks, cooking croutons in the oven sounds a great idea.

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Oh wow Jerry, that looks amazing! This is definitely for me! (and I don't need to be gluten free!) What a clever idea and a fantastic novel alternative to croutons. 👍

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Thanks Sue and I was going to have chickpeas but didn’t have any as I thought of your spicy sautéed chick peas as I have them sautéed instead of croutons, 👍

Very hearty looking, Jerry. It’s slam dunk cold here in Florida and I could sure use a bowl of your soup to warm me up. I’m going to make onion soup today, but my pic won’t be as pretty as yours when I post it.

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Hi Isinatra i like a hearty soup and I’ve always associated Florida with warm weather not like the U.K.

And I bet that your onion soup is lush…👍

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Isinatra in reply to

😊Thanks, Jerry. I have to taste it this morning after it rested in the fridge overnight. I may have to add some stock to it to thin it a bit. It did turn out a little richer this time. Couldn’t find a good crusty bread, though. 😭😁

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Hi Hidden

Your homemade soup plus sauteed potato pieces looks fantastic.

Zest :-)

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Awe thanks Zest you have a healthy appetite for nice food too. 😊

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Kitten-whiskersVegan star

That looks lovely Jerry, so delcious 😁

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Awe thanks Debs I know that you like crispy potatoes too…😁

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I certainly do Jerry 😊

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Hi Hidden,

Your lunch looks and sounds wonderful. It's a great idea to use potatoes as a substitute for croutons. It's also good to use the leftover potato croutons for salads, too. 🥔🙂👍

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Hey thanks Leah and what a great idea leftover croutons with a salad 👍

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to

You’re welcome! I will try to do the potato croutons before we have a salad with or as a main dish for a dinner very soon.😀👍🥔

That looks good, and great for this cold weather. 🍲

I had a little bit of leftover soup from a few days ago, that wasn’t enough to make a bowl on its own, so I used it more like a sauce and cooked some angel hair pasta (not gluten-free, sorry), spinach and fried a few pieces of vegan meat substitute, and it made a great feast!

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Thank you HungryHufflepuff and what a great idea using left over soup as a pasta sauce it sounds wonderful gluten free or not. 👍

That's my kind of food, wholesome! I like your idea of potato croutons, that's genius!

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Hey thanks as you make my kind of food too. 👍

Sauteed potatoes; what a wonderful idea! Soup looks scrumptious!

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Thank you BlueMole 😊

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