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Cutting Sugar

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Hi , I’ve lost 6lb in two weeks because I’ve been watching how much sugar are in my foods I’ve been eating .

Was suprised there was no sugar in the coconut milk used in this Thai red curry ! Went down well with prawns and chicken . 650 calories .!really enjoyed it .

And yes .. had no chocolate inbetween meals too .

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A lovely looking meal. Congrats on dropping those pounds :)

Hi Richard260 well done for losing 6lbs and your meal looks delicious so good for you. 😊

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Richard260 in reply to

Thank you

Lovely presentation, restaurant style at its best.. 6 pounds is a lot to lose in two weeks just by reducing your intake of sugar. That's really good going.

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Richard260 in reply to Happyman4

Thank you , I stick to under 30g a day of sugar and it’s working . Just keep reading labels .

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Your meal looks very delicious, Richard260. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Chicken is one of my favorite types of meat to have in a meal. :-)

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Hi Richard260

Wow, your Thai red curry looks amazing. I really love Thai curries. They are so tasty.

Many congratulations on your weight loss, and glad you're enjoying your meals.

Zest :-)

That looks so good Richard and really well presented. 😋

Lovely looking meal. Doing really well with reducing your sugar in take. Keep going 👍

Congratulations 👏👏

Well done for cutting out sugar.As well as cutting down on carbs I think it’s very wise to cut out sugar (refined sugar especially).

In my opinion, I would think that refined sugar is the biggest reason for weight gain as well as other health problems.

You might find other write ups that say otherwise but I don’t listen to much of these articles and so on. I don’t really trust a lot these days.

I think sugar should be made clearer. I mean, there are different types of sugars and sweeteners out there and not everyone knows what they are putting into their bodies.

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Richard260 in reply to Matt2584

I read the backs of food and look up on my phone for sugar levels . Cut them and then you lose .

Next step is definitely flour .. I just stick to two slices a day of wholemeal right now x or miss it out all day

Great. It's my favourite as well. I think you'll find that you'll lose weigh by avoiding foods made with highly refined white flour as well so that will cut out any naan bread. If you're avoiding sugar and starch you can forget counting calories.

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Richard260 in reply to Eryl

Cheers thanks for that .. I agree about the calories ., If you stick under 37g of sugar a day or 30g for a women you don’t have to count calories .

Congrats on the weight loss, that's awesome! I have practically cut out all sugar (other than natural sugars from fruit) last spring and lost weight as well. I also feel a lot better and surprisingly my chocolate cravings have completely stopped. I'm focused on staying disciplined during Halloween... which I imagine may be tough.🎃

My cravings for chocolate have gone now too after ten days .. I feel fab thanks x

Well done. All carbohydrate is digested to sugar in the body of course , so even if the label doesn't declare any sugar, that isn't necessarily what the body experiences.

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