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What are you eating tonight ?

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Hello everyone what are you having for your evening meal today ?

I have just put fish and chips in the oven and opened a tin of Sainburys mushy peas so not adventurous at all I admit

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I’m planning to steam whole green beans and top then with green peas in garlicky cashew cream, and a green salad with silken tofu honey mustard dressing. I’m making some vegetable soup for lunch, if that turns out to be what I’m hungry for all day, I may have the green beans tomorrow evening.

I love the sound of your cashew cream . Are you vegan ? Or just eating vegan tonight ?

I’m a vegan. 🙂🌱

Just out of interest where do you get your iodine intake from ?

Interesting question; why do you ask?

I use iodized salt on purpose, but I also use sea salt, pink salt, black salt (kala namak), black salt from Iceland, and smoked salt. I eat seaweed/ nori and kelp, corn, prunes, raisins (many dried fruits), green peas (as mentioned above), beans/legumes including lima beans, all kinds of nut and seeds, lots of green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes (I’m having a few of those with the skin on for lunch today), bananas, I live near and when I can swim I swim in the ocean. Iodine intake is not a concern of mine. I eat a balanced diet and pay attention to my nutritional needs and the way I’m meeting those needs.

Where do you get your iodine?

It certainly sounds like you are getting enough iodine

I ask for a few reasons

Excuse me I have to go but I will be back

I get iodine from the usual non vegan sources- eggs dairy etc but we use iodised salt and I also use very sparingly seakelp - I put a teeny pinch on my toast

I’ve never put kelp on my toast, I may try it sometime. Thanks!

You only need a tiny pinch preferably organic

Cashew cream is delicious, healthful, and truly versatile. I use it in all sorts of recipes: vegan lasagna, cream of mushroom soup, desserts, smoothies, etc.

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JerryAdministrator in reply to Mys_am8O

Hey I love the sound of green beans in garlicky cashew cream and tofu honey dressing with salad.

You’re very adventurous in the kitchen so I’m impressed. 😊

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Mys_am8O in reply to Jerry

Thank you! I really enjoy finding healthy and delicious ways to stay nourished.

Lasagne chips and salad - not homemade but enjoyable

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Hi lillyofthevalley37 fish and chips with mushy peas is a favourite of many as it’s such a great combination and traditional meal.

I had black bean and veg curry with red rice as I had leftovers from yesterday and I like curries the next day as the flavours really come out.

I bet your fish n chips was really nice. 😊

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Mys_am8O in reply to Jerry

I started making curries last year and I really enjoy them. I agree they’re very tasty day two and three. I haven’t seen curry recipes made with black beans yet, I’ll have to look for some, I also like black beans. I made a pan of black bean brownies this afternoon. I’m looking forward to diving into them later!

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JerryAdministrator in reply to Mys_am8O

Hey black bean brownies sound really good to me, in case you don’t know HU have a vegan community VFL, which we are helping to promote as It’s a great community with friends of ours as admin and you’ll love what you see on there:


Here’s my red rice and black bean curry and you enjoy your home made brownies and goodies. 😊

Red rice and black bean curry.
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Mys_am8O in reply to Jerry

That looks good! Thanks for the recipe!

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Mys_am8O

When I have leftover black beans, I either use them as a layer for the 7 layer dip or turn them into a filling for a burrito. Both are very good. :-)

I have a friend who bakes brownies and she uses black beans and a few drops of mint to go with them. They're gluten free/vegan/vegetarian. She brought them with her to a party before we had COVID. :-)

Interesting idea to add peppermint oil- I may try that sometime. I use cayenne and cinnamon in my black bean brownies, so they’re warming to the belly not hot to the tongue. I do like spicy hot chocolates but I don’t usually make my brownies spicy.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Mys_am8O

Adding cinnamon sounds good for the brownies. I like cinnamon with my desserts as either toppings/baked in. :-)

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For tonight's dinner, we might have quiche with a brown rice crust, but not sure, yet. Quiche with brown rice is one of my favorite types of items for dinner one night and then have leftovers the next day or two for a lunch. :-)

We had Chicken Tikka Masala with plain rice.

I made roast pork with roast potatoes, assorted veg, gravy, apple sauce, French mustard, English mustard. White wine to drink. We always have a roast on Sunday. Dessert: Mocha cheesecake (Home made, sort of keto)

I had oats and half a banana. I had a side of chicken breast for some protein. Not on the same plate but both went in my stomach nonetheless. :)

A lentil spaghetti bolognese. Never tried it before so wish me luck!

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