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Evening meal.

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Lentils and bulgur wheat burgers, sweet chips and a bok choy salad with herbs from the garden.

I don't know what I enjoyed the most because it was all very delicious.

The burgers were made of fried finely chopped onions and celery a little cinnamon salt and pepper with the bulgur wheat and adding a veg stock and water, mix in the lentils and a little flour when the bulgur wheat is cooked and put in the fridge until ready for use. Fry in olive oil.

I had some gold kiwi and yogurt for dessert a half hour after..😊

22 Replies
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Very delicious πŸ˜‹ ☺️

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Thank you Hb2003, I really did enjoy it very much, everything went together perfectly 😊

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That’s good ☺️ You can call me Hiba if you want πŸ™

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That's great thanks Hiba 😊

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Your welcome πŸ™ 😁

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That looks very nice Happyman. 😊

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Thank you springcross, I had never made a burger like that before, but something told me it was going to be nice, with the right balance of seasoning it was delicious, my wife also enjoyed a couple. So it was really well worth doing 😊

Hi Happyman4, your evening meal looks wonderful!πŸ˜‹πŸ‘Thank you for sharing with us and have a great week ahead! πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸŒžπŸŒΊ

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Thank you GreatMindfulness, I really enjoyed the whole meal, I was very happy with the outcome of my bulgur wheat and lentil burgers, they were delicious, and really went well with the salad and chips. Will definitely be making them again 😊

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GreatMindfulness in reply to

You’re very welcome! πŸ˜πŸ™ Your burger is definitely made from scratch and very healthy. I love your salad with bok choy, I actually make some pan seared bokchoy, veggies for dinner tonight. πŸ˜‹πŸ‘

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That’s a very attractive and healthy plate of food Happyman, and all home made. Just the sort of meal that I would like to eat too. πŸ™‚

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Thank you Rachmaninov2, it really was delicious. I loved the burgers, I thought they would be good, but they turnout beautiful and was perfect with bok choy salad. Am sure I will make them again the next time I use bulgur wheat to make pilaf 😊

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Looks delicious. The burgers sound really tasty!

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Thank you happytulip, the burgers were an after thought after using bulgur wheat to make pilaf. They were crunchy on the outside and soft inside, the salad was exceptional, I love bok choy in salads far more then been cooked, I think it was just my choice of herbs from the garden and the quantities of each of them that made the salad that much more memorable.

The chips were just added because they were left over from what my wife cooked for the children and j fried them again, they were delicious but I would have been more then happy just with the burgers and salad. 😊

Note my 4 little homegrown chocolate cherry tomatoes..it the only ones that I got out dozens of plants and months of looking after them.☹

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Sounds like a delightful meal. It's a labour of love with veg isn't it? I'm just about to go out and tend to my crops. All that investment and I have no idea if it will produce anything.

I hope the 4 tomatoes were packed with flavour.

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Enjoy tending to your crops 😊I like to say my 4 tiny tomatoes were packed with flavour..πŸ€₯

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Oh dear!!

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😁 that's life!Am just waiting for my wife to come down, we going to see what we can find when the fishing boats coming in.

Hope you enjoyed your seeing how crops are doing..😊

See you later, hopefully with a big fishπŸ™‚

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I have a funny story about fish in Thailand. It's for another time. It's 11:39pm here so I'm off to bed. Have a wonderful day!

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Sleep good, and I won't let you forget about the funny story about fish 😁

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A very appealing looking plate. The cherry tomatoes on the vine and herbs from the garden are a great addition and add to the finishing touches.

in reply to Imaaan

Its was one meals that everything went together perfectly, I really enjoyed it very much. I must write down the name in English of the herbs that we grow, I always have to keep asking and then forget.

I planted a couple of pots each of the red and yellow cherry tomatoes from seeds over a year old at the end of January and they did so good.

I planted two dozen pots of the chocolate cherry tomatoes from seed at the end of February and 4 tiny tomatoes out of all of them. 😊

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