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My Jujube tree is about to give fruits as summer is around the corner. ❤️😊🙏🌺

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I live in the city, we don’t have much nature around and I try to make the best out of my little area of soil in the backyard by planting my jujube tree 3 years ago. I’m so joyful to see it starts growing strong and giving flowers to bare fruits.😁👍 Overall it is an easy tree to grow that doesn’t require much attention. It thrives well in warmer climate. In addition, there are many benefits from the fruits. According to Healthline: “Jujube fruits have long been used in alternative medicine to treat conditions like insomnia and anxiety. Animal and test-tube studies indicate that the fruit may offer impressive health benefits for your nervous system, immunity, and digestion.”

I’m glad I will enjoy some of these fruits soon and so as the birds in my backyard. 😁

Stay healthy, stay joyful, and stay inspired everyone! 😊🙏🌺☀️☮️🌺

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These are the jujube fruits. They are delicious in fresh and dried forms. 😋

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Delicious with a capital D Koko, so top marks from me. 👍😊

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Yes, so delicious I usually get them from my local farmer market and now this summer I will get to enjoy them from my backyard. 😋👍

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Wow, GreatMindfulness, this is a beautiful tree! When was it planted 3 years ago? Its dark green leaves look like they give a lot of shade.😀👍🌳

Thank you Activity2004. 😊🙏 Yes, it was a baby tree I got from nursery by my house and it has been growing so well with just water and some organic fertilizer at the the beginning. It is a skinny tree won’t give that much shade but plenty of fruits to come. 😁👍

Hey Koko this is a great use of space and I’ve never heard of these to find they’re red dates. Which I’ve not come across so nice one. It’s things like this that we used to snack on so it’s not surprising they’re healthy.

So you enjoy the fruits of your efforts. 👍😊

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Thank you Jerry. 😊🙏 We make the best out of what we have and so grateful we are able to create something. Yes, they are red dates some people call them too. Great source of snacks and organic. 😁👍

Your tree looks nice and healthy..I did try a couple of times to grow them , but i was obviously not doing something right, even though the trees were producing flowers the fruit never stayed on, perhaps they were not strong enough at the time..I've learned a lot since then and I might try again when I see one for sale in my local garden market. They really are a lovely fruit, my wife buys them all the time when there in season, there at their best when they turning into a brown colour.

I use the dried ones in most all of the Chinese style soups that I make..

Look forward to seeing the first fruit on your tree..🙂

Thank you Happyman4. 😊🙏 I’m not so sure why the fruits won’t stay on. 🤔 Maybe you can Google and YouTube what others’ experiences with this. I sure will take picture once the tree gives fruits. Have a wonderful weekend with your family! 🌺

I will most definitely take up some advice on it next time..and post a photo of it when I find one. 🙂

Actually my wife just put me right, it was the green jujube fruit tree that I bought a couple of and they had fruit and flowers on them at the time I bought them...but I just didn't look after them properly. They are a very popular fruit, throughout this part of the world, I first tried them when I first visited China 30 years ago.The tree you got is called a chocolate jujube fruit in Thailand and have never seen them for sale in any garden markets, will look up on the net to see if they have for sale.

Green and chocolate jujubes. They are both delicious.
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Hi Happyman - good to see you in a happier place :)

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Thank you PandQs, couldn't be happier, and I really mean that. Love all the love the lovely posts on here, great foods, lovely posts of plants and genuinely a relaxing atmosphere. 😊

Hmmm so my tree is a chocolate jujube tree. That would make their fruits very sweet. I’m surprised they don’t have this kind of tree in Thailand market. Maybe if you know someone who owns this tree, you can ask for a branch or so to grow as this kind of tree is very low maintenance. 👍

I think they do have them as they have the fruit, though I was told that most of the fruit are imported from China.. the Thai's call them Chinese plum.. the green jujube is very popular here and in China, the chocolate jujube is only given that name because of its colour, they are seasonal, but the green you can buy all year round in Thailand. I lived in mainland China 30 years ago and never saw the chocolate jujube then but the green was in every market most of the year, I didn't know what they were, and was told that they are in the plum family.

I think the chocolate jujube is a lot more widely found now in all the Asian countries, I was in recently in India and I bought some from a market there. The more brown they are the sweeter they are.

Oh wow, thank you. 🙏 you sure traveled to many places and that’s wonderful. This is very informative for me to know more about my tree. Yes I do see the green ones in many Chinese markets in USA. They are smaller in size and very green and not as sweet as the brown ones. I usually get them fruits from my local farmer market which is the same type of my tree. Even they are a little bit more expensive but that’s what it takes for local small businesses to survive esp during the pandemic. And they are organic, we cannot put a price on our health right? 😁👍

Hi GreatMindfulness Lovely to see your Jujube tree.

Zest :-)

Thank you Zest, you are so kind. 😊🙏

You did a fantastic job as your tree is looking so lively. Those jujubes are going to help keep you healthy and strong. The birds will be very grateful to you as well😁👍🐦. You will have the healthiest and happiest birds around😁. I've never tried a jujube...🤔 They look delicious in those pictures 😋.

Thank you. 😊🙏 I’m grateful for the birds to sing and dance for me everyday so this is nothing 😁 Yes, I can’t wait for it to grow some fruits because I can pick and eat them right there n then. (Clean first ofc 😂🤣😂) Hmmm if you wanna try, maybe u can order online, Amazon has everything. 😂👍

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