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Breakfast this morning.

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A favourite dish of mine is asparagus with eggs and plum tomatoes fried in a little olive oil, garlic and fresh ginger. My wife cooked it this morning beautifully, but I remembered that some of the little plum tomatoes were ripened that are growing on the balcony so picked some to add to what my wife had cooked..really lovely.

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Hey that’s an impressive breakfast Happyman4 and how nice having your own home grown tomatoes. 😊

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Happyman4 in reply to Jerry

Thank you Jerry, I love asparagus for any meal, and it been very low on the Glycaemic Index is a bonus as I eat quite a lot of it.I got a few cherry plum tomatoes plants that are loaded with fruit at the moment, but it will be a few more weeks before the chocolate plum tomatoes begin to ripen that I been growing form seed..straight from the fresh tomato.

I put on a quick video explaining about asparagus, grapefruit and buckwheat flour that I been using.

Some members might find it interesting..

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JerryAdministrator in reply to Happyman4

Hey this is a really interesting video Happyman4 as I don't have to worry about carbs or the GI of foods so this interested me a lot.I think thats so interesting that eating a grapefruit can lower our blood sugar levels and is very useful for diabetics and pre-diabetics so thank you I hope other members find it valuable info. 👍

Now I'm also growing tomatoes and my tomato plants are nearly 10 cm's so no flowers yet!

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Happyman4 in reply to Jerry

Look forward to seeing your tomatoes, I love growing plants and seeing what other grow.

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JerryAdministrator in reply to Happyman4

Hey thanks and me too. 👍

I love asparagus too Happyman4, do you grow your own? Here is a photo of mine. 🙂


I used to grow quite a lot a few years ago but for some reason I took them out. I think it was because asparagus became very popular in Thailand and it became very cheap to buy very fresh asparagus in our local market..I do have some regrets though as I use to eat one or two when walking around the garden.

Gone but not forgotten ☹

I haven’t eaten them raw, more nutritious than cooking them I should think. I’m having them today for lunch. 🙂

My favourite pastime is to pick and eat whatever is growing on my early morning walks in the garden. It's got me thinking that maybe I should buy another couple of asparagus plants and start again.

I can’t think why not, there’s nothing better than growing your own. I noticed in your earlier post that you had some regrets that you had taken them out. 🙂👍

You got me thinking to try again, so I bought 6 new ones to plant..I always wondered why I took the other ones out..

Try again 😊

I’m glad you decided to buy some more plants, they look very healthy. Now you can look forward to eating some in the mornings as you walk round your garden. 🙂

Yep, actually I really missed them. It will take a while to get them looking good, but am going to prepare the soil properly tomorrow. 🙂

Great, how long do you think it will be until you will be harvesting them? 🙂

They already have some very thin ones in them, but last time I think I took about 6 months or so before they they started getting big..the soil wasn't very good at that time, this time I will put more effort into it.Just have to wait and see. In the meantime I just have my cherry plum tomatoes and a couple of long beans and a few baby egg plants when I have my morning walk. Lots of other things growing that are not quitereallyyet, just have to wait 🙂

Do you have avocados? I have two small trees but don’t expect any fruit as I don’t think the UK climate is warm enough. 🙂

I did have a very nice one but the builders I had in at the time somehow killed it. I got two now growing in pots that I will plant in our new farm when the restrictions on travel gave been lifted and I feel safe to travel. We only just got the land last month, but I bought it two years ago and had to wait for the tenants leases to finish.

I have lot trees to plant there...soon I hope.

If. And i say if you have an expectantly hot long summer then they might fruit..but I think the last time that happened was in 1976..😁

You have a busy time ahead with the tree planting. Your climate will be more conducive for fruiting than ours, I won’t hold my breath for a long hot summer. I remember the summer of 1976 very well, the lawn was yellow instead of green. 🙂🥑

Me to my mother had a big loquat tree and it was the only time it ever had fruits on it..Though her green fig trees would do really well every year.

I used to grow some amazing fruits and vegetables in the UK. Loved growing roses to.

I haven’t heard of loquats, are they similar to kumquats? I love fresh figs but have never been sure if you can eat the whole fruit or take the outer skin off.

I have some very old roses that my dad planted approx. 40 years ago which are still producing some lovely flowers. l am not able to look after them as I would like to but they still keep on giving. 🙂🤞

You can eat the whole fig, of any variety., loguats are not the same as kumquats the oranges, I have a couple of then in pots and I like to eat them with the skin on..Shame you find it difficult to look after your Rose's. Maybe ask someone to cut them back a bit just once a year.

I’ve just looked up loquats out of interest, apparently they are a distant relative of the rose. I manage to prune my roses but haven’t been feeding them or clearing the weeds around them. I will have a go soon. 🙂

I didn't know that they were distant relative of the rose, that actually fits in with when they are fully ripe they do leave a taste of something like a rose flavour in your mouth for quite sometime. I did grow one from seed about 8 years ago from some fruit that I brought back from England, it grew to about a metre in two years..things happened and I lost it..I have seen them for sale on the net, but very expensive for a tiny little thing. Am still thinking about it though as its one of my all time favourite fruits. I was in Cambodia recently and they had packet in a supermarket of I think 8 loquats for $14 and I had to buy them..a couple of time.. couldn't save the seeds as it was a long time before I could get back home to Thailand..☹

They sound delicious, it’s a shame you lost your tree especially after the efforts you made to grow it. Is there nowhere that you can buy the seeds in Thailand? I expect you have already tried. 🙂

I can buy the green jujube trees any time from my local market and the are very cheap, about $3 each, My wife found the chocolate jujube fruit tree on the internet the 3 am showing you work out to $30 for the 3..and they are just twigs ready, we might buy one but have to think about it first.


You could try buying Loquat seeds on ebay, not expensive but I don’t know what the postage would be. 🙂

I ordered 4 plants yesterday, they are very small but they do grow very. I did think about seeds and I might still try some..keeps me busy..time to settle the kids down for the night..🙂

Here’s a photo of one of my avacado trees, they are growing very quickly. 🙂🥑

Avocado tree.

Thank you for the link, there is some very interesting information about asparagus on the video. I didn’t realise it is good for you in more ways than one. 🙂

I was very pleased with the information on the asparagus to..the grapefruit info was also very interesting as I give on of my sons who had a weight problem a half to eat every other day.

This is one of my favorite dish I usually prepare, a great balance of flavor and vegetables. Your wife is such a talented and healthy cook. Plum tomatoes are very sweet and juicy. Love your food posts, always make me feel hungry looking at them. 😁👍

It's just daylight now time to go out find something to eat in the garden and on the terrace. Am hungry..😊

If I’m not mistaken you are from Thailand. I love street food from the night market, the best papaya salad they make right there n then, extremely spicy.😅😋👍 I’m from the US though but I always remember my trip there. 😁

Yes I do live in Thailand, 14 years now.. just come back in after having a bit to eat from a few of the plants I have growing. I did wonder where you lived from what you are growing, and you do look like your from this part of the world.

Love papaya salad to.🙂

Yes I live in California so the weather is very nice and warm that people can even grow lychee, mangos, Star fruits in their backyard over here. I love Thai food and fruits, so delicious and various. As I remember it is always crowded and so much fun in Thailand, I hope you and your wife have a beautiful Friday night paint the town red. 😁👌

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