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What's your favorite go to for lunch?

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Mine is toasted whole wheat bread mashed avocado spread on it with everything bagel seasoning sprinkled and a tomato and slice turky on top

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Mine at the minute is slice of sourdough bread (wholemeal) with avocado slices, sliced tomato, lettuce with diced chicken thigh and a drizzle sweet chilli sauce. and then greek yoghurt with chia seeds and frozen summer fruit

I don't usually have lunch but I like to have some homemade soup in the freezer that i can pop in the microwave, if I'm hungry 🙂

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Hello MrsGloomy what a great question, I like a sandwich with home baked bread and salad and cheese and onion is a favourite. Welcome to HE I hope that you enjoy being a member. 🌈😊

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Thank you :)

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