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Food disaster

Annegables124Reading Rabbits

Hey all, today I tried to make Tuna Noodle Casserole, also called tuna noodle hot dish with my family. There’s a recipe I wrote up for a class in high school. But something went wrong and the white sauce tasted burned. I felt pretty stupid at first, but felt encouraged when my aunt told me not to feel discouraged and when my dad said “mistakes happen.” That’s how you learn. But I am bummed. I love tuna noodle casserole and I was really hoping it would turn out well. 😔😔😞

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Keep Cookin'

Hey Anne, your family are spot on! Just dont let what happens to all of us, put you off!! 👩‍🍳😊


Hey Annegables124 this is how we learn as I'm sure next time it will be perfect so remember the person who never makes a mistake never does anything.So better luck next time. 😊

aww, it's nice that your family were philosophical about it, maybe next time it will turn out perfect :)

Oh never mind, I once made a cheesecake with Dairy Lea Triangles! Practice makes perfect!

Do you know where you went wrong?

You need to reframe it. You weren't making white sauce, you were making a bechamel, one of the sauces mère of haute cuisine. Of course that takes practice.

You either burnt the roux or you had the heat to high or didn't stir constantly and scorched the milk. Next time taste the bechamel to make sure it isn't burnt before assembly.