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Food coach/resources ?


Hi! I was just wondering if anybody knew of any food coaches or somebody to talk through my eating issues? I am just literally at a lost right now...And I am at the point where I need some help. I am only 25 and do not want to go down this path for the rest of my life. I don’t mind paying for services I just don’t know where to look thank you all so much in advance

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Have you talked with your doctor about changing your diet? If not, please call them and let the doctor know that you would like to talk about some ideas for certain types of food that would be and not be allowed on your menu. Hope this helps.😀👍🌈

Please see S11m's reply below . . . ? ? ?

Hey angel, the NHS has health trainers that can help. You can refer yourself, just ask your GP for the details or Google "NHS health trainers near me".Hope this helps. Take care 💐

That google doesn't return any useful links and searching for Health Trainers on the NHS site only gets a link to CBT therapy.

Lilac-AngelStar in reply to Subtle_badger

I didn't say Google the NHS website. Just Google health trainers near me. I did it on my mob and it came up with the local HTs first hit

I did that first. There are none near me. I think that is because it is a program run by your local NHS Trust. It definitely does not seem to be a national program.

I would recommend you to do your own research.

Doctors are not (necessarily) nutritionists.

I wonder if TheAwfulToad could give you some advice?

Sid_Arthur in reply to S11m

Wld just add: Drs do know something about nutrition - its often said, in a 5yr medical degree, . . . they may spend 1, or even 2 days . . . on nutrition, . . . & how it affects health ! ! ! So, . . . let's please acknowledge that ! ;)

A 'heads up': Chapter 23 in Tim Spector's 'Spoon-Fed' is 'Don't trust me, I'm a doctor' . . . & he is one too ! ( - so, . . . can we trust him ? ). A Professor, . . . in fact ! ;)


Sid ;)

Sat 3 April 2021, . . .


S11m in reply to Sid_Arthur

SAD isn’t it?

Sid_Arthur in reply to S11m

Perhaps . . . what's most sad is how too many of us continue to believe that they know/understand far more than they do, . . . nutritionally and otherwise. More fool us ?

Frankly, considering the state of nutritional science, I think the less they learnt, the better.

I met up with a friend who is a retired consultant. She commented on my weightloss and it turned out she had accidentally been following a similar plan since she retired; no more ready meals and she'd stopped eating beige carbs and lost 5kg. She'd never looked at the EatWell (NHS) guide, and had no idea she was supposed to fill 1/3 of her plate with pasta/rice/etc. If she had had more training on nutrition, she would have been less help to her patients and possibly fat herself. She was slim before she lost the 5kg.


Hello angelface1034 there are lots of resources for those with an eating disorder if this is of interest to you please

Really the secret to well being is a healthy diet with a healthy attitude to food coupled with adequate exercise which has been found by many member.

I’d try and eat as healthily as you can looking for healthy choices that appeal to you as what we eat is our fuel.

I hope this helps,

Jerry 🌈😊

Lilac-AngelStar in reply to Jerry

Good old Jerry! 😊

Onegramatatime in reply to Jerry

Having received nil help from my GP, I researched a heart healthy lifestyle and diet on the internet. I found a wide variety of suggestions, ranging from keto to vegan. They all claimed success. The one thing they had in common was minimal sugar and refined grains (as in white bread) and minimal seed oils.

I'd add further to S11m's comment above: through you own curiosity, start investigating good quality info, . . . in your own time, at yr own pace !

Where to start ? Try:

a) this & other 'eating' communities on HU, e.g. Nutriri Mindful Eating ???

b) Tim Spector's views, including book 'The Diet Myth'

c) Alanna Collen's book "10% Human" - can our microbes affect our food choices, mood, sleep quality, . . . & overall wellness ? ? ?

d) Robynne Chutkan's 'The Microbiome Solution' - as 4 initial pointers !

Listen to your body, . . . & treat yourself with the care & thoughtfulness that you would a good friend ! You'd neither allow a good friend to deprive him/herself of good, nutricious food, nor allow him/her to remain on a harmful, poor quality diet, . . . would you ?

All the RIGHT info you'll find helpful already exists, . . . I say with much confidence !

No recommendations implied, all pointers as information for you ( - & other readers) to investigate impartially at your (their) own discretion !


Sid ;)

Sat 3 April 2021, . . .


Would this help ?

( hey, . . . you changed your reply from earlier ! ? Its . . . allowed ! ;) ).

. . . do you also now hold the view . . . that calorie-counting, . . . for example, 'is' . . . pants ? ? ?


Sid ;)

Sat 3 April 2021, . . .


JerryAdministrator in reply to Sid_Arthur

Hi Sid_Arthur if a member wants to edit their post or reply thats their prerogative, which's why we have this facility.

Calorie counting works for some as do extreme diets, the secret is too eat healthily for us with adequate exercise then people don't end up obese and with type2 diabetes and then turning to an unbalanced diet to reverse an unhealthy eating pattern thats led to poor health.

It's much better to prevent obesity and be in harmony with our bodies and needs in the first instance in my opinion.

I have various medical conditions that required a change in diet. My GP practice put me in touch with Health Connections, which operate as part of the NHS in my area of the UK. I was allocated a diet advisor who discussed with me what foods and the way I was eating could be improved to help with these conditions. He also pointed me to resources on the Internet that I could reference for advice.


May I ask the food issues?, is it Binge eating?.

Best wishes


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