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Spinach and smoked salmon pancakes

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Really enjoyed having a bit of fun on pancake day, instead of making the usual plain pancakes for everyone to have as they wish, savoury and sweet, I made spinach pancakes, topped with smoked salmon and a dill and yogurt dressing. It was lovely and light (would make a great starter at a family dinner too in smaller quantities), which is what I wanted as we also had a sweet crepe suzette after! I love spinach, next time will put more in the batter as the taste was a little subtle with the smoked salmon and sour cream. Yum yum!!

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Hi Nikon1972 Wow, that is a great idea, and your pancakes look really special. I bet they were tasty. Yum!

Zest :-)

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Hey this does look good Nikon1972 the spinach really compliments the pink salmon so all very appetising and creative.

Now crepe suzette sounds perfect so nice one. 🌈😊

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Nikon1972 in reply to Jerry

Thanks Jerry... the suzettes maybe don't belong on a healthy eating website, but they were yummy, my partner loved them!! Here's a cheeky picture of them!

Crepe suzette
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JerryAdministrator in reply to Nikon1972

Hey they look gorgeous and if we eat a healthy balanced diet with plenty of exercise a healthy diet isn't an austere diet.

I'm sure that you and your partner enjoyed them very much...👍😊

Hello Nikon, that's a lovely idea.I love smoked salmon but soemetimes I get tired of having it with just salad. It has such a subtle taste t diesn't deserve to be "overpowered". Thanks for the inspiration, now I'll have to shop for baby spinach.

They look and sound really nice, a change from the run of the mill pancakes, just needs that bit of extra thought.

I saw Jamie Oliver (I think) on TV doing spinach pancakes. They looked good and I like your additions

Looks delicious, thanks for sharing.

HI, I am new on here. Is it allowed to share recipes?

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Nikon1972 in reply to Faith33

I guess it might depend on issues like copyright, I'm sure I can share my own recipes, but maybe someone in admin would kindly let us know if it's ok to post links to published recipes?? Thank you!!

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