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Well no XMas meat for me unless...


Bit frustrated to see the turkey I ordered was not in my click and collect order due to being out of stock and because the original turkey crown I’d ordered became out of stock a week ago even though I ordered one for what I thought was guaranteed delivery.

So I either now go for a meatless Xmas day lunch or brave going into a superstore which I haven’t done since visiting one during the aftermath of the first major panic buying back in February and picking up the dregs.

I appreciate some things in a click and collect get substituted, but would have thought they’d make an exception to ensure they could at least fulfil click and collect orders.

Farm shops even if they have stock are so expensive around here.

Bit sad now...

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Hi moonerman

I hope you're able to get some meat for your Xmas meal. I hope you don't feel so sad, and that something will cheer you up.

Zest :-)

moonerman in reply to Zest

I don’t drink either so even a tipple can’t save me 😂

ZestStar in reply to moonerman

There's still time, and maybe you can find something meat-wise - I know you mentioned that you're going to try driving around tomorrow to find something. Good luck!

Zest :-)


Hello moonerman I haven't been to a supermarket since March and use local shops. I assume that you don't have a local butcher so my choice would be to buy less of a better quality product from a farm shop as it is Christmas. 🎄So I hope that you find a good alternative and stay safe as thats whats paramount to me.

moonerman in reply to Jerry

Butchers are similar to farm

Shops in that they take and manage orders for collection but I missed the boat. Might be driving a few miles around tomorrow just don’t want to go to a superstore

vonniesims in reply to Jerry

Yes, our farmshops are open early and quiet then.


I'm sorry your order let you down.

There are a couple of possibilities. One would be to visit your supermarket at an unusual hour, either immediately after they open (when they will be freshly cleaned) or late at night, when they will be quiet. My mum used to find Christmas eve, immediately before closing, was a good time, but I don't know about that this year.

Other option is to find an alternative - maybe try a nut roast, or pie/tart?

Oh dear, how incredibly frustrating! I am just about to check my click and collect arranged for tomorrow morning, I would not be at all surprised if I find similar problems. Ironically I have a 'luxury' nut roast ordered and based on previous experience I would not be surprised if it was missing. It is frustrating since regular click and collect users order their Christmas shop well in advance, the supermarket should be able to say 'we have X number of confirmed orders for turkey/luxury nut roasts etc. and hold those items for their click and collects. Maybe you could venture in to your local farm shop and take pot luck on whatever meat they have? It is a shame to have to brave the superstore after avoiding them for so long.

I remember once many, many years ago my husband and I ending up with roasted onions as the center piece of our Christmas dinner, a story with gets fondly remembered to this day in our house.

Good luck :)

Cooper27Administrator in reply to sunny369

I think this year supermarkets are experiencing difficulties with their deliveries in, which is causing a short fall.

With Covid, I heard the click and collect orders are being packed directly from the stock room to save the pickers from exposure on the shop floor. I suppose it's possible that stock is accidently being moved out front, but I don't know - the whole supermarket situation is a bit of a question mark at the moment.

sunny369 in reply to Cooper27

True but all the more reason why they should have had the key items in their stockrooms. After all they asked their click and collect customers to order back in November which should surely have allowed for some planning.Mind you, as you say, it is clear that things are 'up the creek' in so many respects and nothing is normal this year, and the latest massive queues of trucks in Kent are the latest unfortunate development. You really have to feel for those truck drivers!

All this and Brexit still to be worked through :)

moonerman in reply to sunny369

I’ve got plenty of onions ha ha, yeah will venture to a couple farm shops and see what they have, I’m only by myself anyway so a turkey was a bit excessive but it’s the after meals I’d planned with leftovers that’s more frustrating

sunny369 in reply to moonerman

yes, so annoying to mess up your nice leftovers plans too :) Good luck :)

sunny369 in reply to moonerman

Did you manage to get sorted? I went to collect my click and collect today and there were a few substitutions and one missing item, the chicken thighs I got for my visitor. Luckily my nut roast was present and correct! :) Bad luck for the visitor though :)

moonerman in reply to sunny369

Hey yeah managed a chicken in the end, no turkey is worth £30 just for one persons consumption ha ha. Cool for the nut roast I must try that sometime

sunny369 in reply to moonerman

well, I am certainly glad to hear you got sorted with something :) you can still do some of the leftovers from the chicken too :)

Is there a farm shop near you? They tend to have better Covid safety measures in place. The one we use had an outdoor stall for people collecting turkeys today.

There’s a lovely one nearby but it’s as Covid friendly as a packed weatherspoons in a tier 4 town in Kent

Oh dear!

catgirl1976Reading Rabbits

Thats annoying isn't it when you are looking forward to something!

We decided against turkey this year and it looks like it was the right decision.

Sorry to hear of your problem and hope you manage to find something. You still have time so fingers crossed for youBest wishes


About to head out see what I can find ha ha

In my area many of the local shops are doing online orders and delivering either free or for a nominal charge - worth having a look online. Sorry that you have to tho.

moonerman in reply to Edgywoman

Yeah I’m just of out on my quest. Interesting nickname you have btw ☺️

Oh dear, Who do you get your online groceries from?

I find Tesco is the most consistent in the UK, I only had a few substitutions and they were all acceptable ones.

I'm really surprised your store had no turkeys left. Usually they are awash with them. I only buy a crown, as there is only my son and myself.

Hope you can find something. Many stores are currently open 24/7, if you want to avoid the busy times.

Cheers, Midori

moonerman in reply to Midori

Hi yeah, chicken for me ha ha

I normally go to Asda, Tesco’s is impossible to book for home or click and collect, others expanded during this year they don’t seem to have 🤷🏻

Ah, I see. I'm in the Vulnerable group and they have slots specifically for us. Even so, It has been quite hard to get one in the last few weeks. Had my last delivery today, and the next is Jan 2nd! Bread for my son will probably be difficult, I don't eat much bread as I have a gluten intolerance, I'm Ok with Sourdough or brioche.

Cheers, Midori

I hope you managed to find something

Yeah a poor old chicken ha ha

I actually prefer chicken to turkey it has more taste. I am so pleased you managed to save the day with something and you managed poultry so you were nearly there. Have a lovely day.Best wishes for the season


All the best too ☺️

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