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Have the diagnosis of atherslorosis. Want to desperately slow the progression of this disease. What diet does this if any?

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Hello Red18 here's a link to the NHS about atherosclerosis

And here's their advice on preventing Coronary heart disease:

My opinion is you want to eat healthily and combine this with suitable exercise to reduce weight the risk of developing type 2 diabetes so you want to reduce saturated fats and sugar from your diet.

So good luck with this we have lots of healthy meals under various topics.

Jerry. 👍😊

Red18 in reply to Jerry

Morning Jerry. Thankyou for replying. Will have a look today at the information. Soooo many conflicting arguments. Have a great day. Just going to do my 5k walk/run . Hope this helps me

JerryAdministrator in reply to Red18

Good morning and I'm sure that your 5K walk/run will be good for you as you are literally taking steps to get your health back and we will cheer you on. 👍😊

Red18 in reply to Jerry

Thankyou so much . It does mean a lot .

ZestStar in reply to Red18

I am also cheering you on Red18

Zest :-)

Red18 in reply to Zest

Thankyou Zest. Hope you had a lovely afternoon

Hello my mam who is 81 had 2 heart attacks last one Xmas day 2 years ago, she did reasearch inflammation in the body causes blocks and veins to fur up you need anti inflammation foods thematic with black pepper lentils seeds and pulses greens. My mam smoked until she was about 6o and like a few drinks not in excess this damages the protective cells that scuff off the cholesterol, sugar is bad also the only safe oil to cook in is cold pressed rapeseed oil as it doesn't saturate at high temperatures, if you read the labels on food keep your saturated fat low, I am seriously thinking of trying to get some statins doctor won't give me them as my cholestrols 4.3 they got mam's and dad's down to 2.3 and dad wasn't on a special diet hope this helps 🤗🌈

AnnieW55 in reply to Curly1_

I would check out the side effects of statins before you try to get them, especially as your numbers don’t warrant them.

Curly1_ in reply to AnnieW55

My cholesterol was 5 and doctor still said don't need they try to budget well our does I had to insist on my yearly blood test he said I don't need it everything ok but he let me have it and turned out a lot of my counts had gone into abnormal range so they decided to monitor me, I got my cholestrol down by cutting down on sat fat but it took ages it goes down when my weight does but I'm putting weight on I have arthritis in my knee so can't exercise as much I know lots of people on statins my dad was ok until he came off them then he had a stroke the ones you don't get from doctors aren't as strong the side effects I've read about are joint pain I just think if I don't get my next blood test as they said I don't need to be no itored now I won't know what my cholestrol is and as I have family history of heart and strokes my grandad was ten years older than me I will do more reaserach first thou

Red18 in reply to Curly1_

Helloooo Curly. Thankyou so very much for replying. I think you are right indeed. I watch 'the doctors kitchen with Dr Rupy Aujla. He is also very knowledgeable. I like to listen to all sides . Have a lovely evening and your mother keeps well

Sorry that was termaric

Curly1_ in reply to Curly1_

Hello again Red, that's great your exercising it is so important for burning that fat and sugar away I found loosing weight does reduce my cholestrol too, and it's important to keep the blood flowing although don't over do if you have angina, my mam had a bout of angina after she had a big meal and wasnt doing much just a bit in the garden but she is 81 just turned it Tuesday😁also if you can do some deep breathing and possibly meditation nature walks are good you must avoid stress as this causes inflammation and also stress causes fat deposits to break away and this can cause blocks, non alcohic red wine is good for reducing cholestrol but be careful not to have too many blood thinning foods if your on blood thinning meds, porridge every day and black grapes they reduce cholesterol, after my dad's stroke caused from him been housebound and he refused to take his statins, and mam's heart problems I live in fear of this so I'm trying hard to cut down on sugar I have quit drinking alcohol I don't smoke, and avacados are good just have half it is good fat omega 3i read that eating a few walnuts before a meal speeds up fat burning. Most of all laugh 😁 It is the best medicine of all, my mam has slowed hers down as her 1st heart attack was 6 years ago I feel the last one was through stress, the blood thinners and vein openers keep people living into there 9os I know lots of elderly people who are this way, I hope this is helpful to you 🤗

Red18 in reply to Curly1_

Hellooooo again Curly. Food is your medicine and we all take our health for granted; at least I did. I now try and look after my diet. The stress side I do struggle with. I always worry. This inerf to work on. Your mother is doing very well


I don't particularly suffer from high cholesterol, but I had it tested a few times while getting other tests carried out. I followed an anti-inflammatory diet (the autoimmune protocol) for other health reasons, which is sugar free, lower carb and higher fat. My numbers improved quite a bit on that diet.

After seeing quite a lot of debate around the keto diet, I also opted to try that for a month to settle the argument in my own head. That also lowered my cholesterol levels. Although obviously a month isn't a long enough duration to base your lifestyle on, if fat raised cholesterol, I would have expected numbers to have stayed the same or increased over the period I followed the diet.

Insulin causes VLDL, triglyceride and visceral fat formation in the body. Obviously we need some; look at what happens to people with Type 1 diabetes when they have too little/none.

But, carbohydrate has been overemphasised in our lifestyle by promoting a low-fat diet.

The Perfect Health Diet shows that the ideal amount of carbohydrate for most people is between 120g and 160g per day; half the current RDA that was arrived at by default from the above-mentioned, flawed, low-fat theory.

It isn't likely to change any time soon; "we've been giving you misinformation for decades, please sue us".

God bless us all.

Red18 in reply to StillConcerned

I know. I look back honestly and hand on heart know it was the plain carbohydrates that have done my damage. I loved everything white. Bread, rice , pasta , pies all of it. I may of been carrying a loaded gun with my genes but I stupidly fired it. Regrets? Many. I now truly watch what I eat and exercise often. Food is truly your medicine 💊

Thankyou Still concerned. I do think sugar is the true evil..

Please watch this videos about un-clogging arteries: This one by Dr Esselstyn :

and this is by his son Rip, informative and also entertaining

Red18 in reply to INK45

Thankyou. Very informative.


Sugur make artriers hard an unflexable, an corodes them.

fat blocks them make it hard for blood to pass through. Both are bad .hope this helps

Red18 in reply to Thingybob77

Thankyou will watch. Have a lovely day

The thing which clogs arteries is the small dense LDL which the body makes itself when you feed it with large amounts of carbohydrate. Have a look on YouTube for videos called "why sugar is as bad as alcohol..." and "Is a Calorie a Calorie?......."

Red18 in reply to Eryl

Thankyou for info. Keep safe and well

I'm sold on whole foods plants based eating attitude

Red18 in reply to sailaway51

Hellooo sailaway . I have read 'how not to die' by Michael Gregor . A very informative and great book

Cooper27Moderator in reply to sailaway51

This video raises a point that we probably haven't clarified above. When we talk about fat Vs sugar, we are generally talking about what we think of as "good fats", not hydrogenised vegetable oils/trans fats. A diet high in trans fats is not a healthy diet.

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