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Something a little different

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Yesterday my husband caught an octopus. We haven’t cooked an octopus before but I do have fond memories of eating in at a Greek Taverna in Mykonos 30 years ago.

We hit up google and YouTube to work out how to prepare it. We decided, based on what we had in the fridge and pantry, to put it in a Thai marinade (oil, chilli, garlic, fish sauce, honey, lemongrass, lime and coriander) and chargrill it in the bbq. And I made a couple of salads to go with it.

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Hi Kaz,

That's great that you were able to prepare the Octopus - the Thai marinade looks and sounds so tasty - I bet it was great - and of course, freshly caught by your hubby - even better!

Zest :-)

So how was it ?

Be hard to eat after watching a documentary about how intelligent they are.

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Kaz747Star in reply to Nugger

It was okay - the Thai flavours were awesome. We’re lucky to be near the water so have access to fresh seafood - in the last few weeks (since we’ve been isolating) I’ve had crabs, crayfish, fish, squid, mussels and now octopus.

Octopuses creep me out to be honest.

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Nugger in reply to Kaz747

We used to farm clams, I also went oystering, they grow wild here & the best I ever did was 26 x 60pound bags, mostly hand picked & culled

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Kaz747Star in reply to Nugger

That sounds fascinating. And that sounds like a lot of oysters!

Seafood is the one thing I cannot stomach, unless it's cod in breadcrumbs or batter and tinned tuna also pilchards in tomato sauce.

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Kaz747Star in reply to springcross

It’s hard to go past a really good (battered) fish and chips 😋 Not exactly healthy eating but a yummy treat.

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springcross in reply to Kaz747

Oh I couldn't agree more - my mouth is watering now with visions of fish and chips! 😀

Looks delicious 😋

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Yum! We cook a lot of squid (when my husband catches it). My favourite way is to dip it into flour, then egg, then Panko crumbs. Shallow fry in olive oil then serve with lemon and tartare sauce.

I've not had octopus in years!

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