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This may help some of you who are worried about Corvid 19


This has been posted on FMAUK, it’s been well received and I thought that it may be helpful on here to reassure some of us about what the important differences are between normal seasonal illnesses and Corvid 19.

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Thank you for sharing this with everyone, Mr_Zoonie.😀👍 This is a good list of symptoms that we have to watch out for and be careful.

I thought it would be helpful!

Great stuff. There's so much misinformation being posted about this, resulting in panic. It's nice to see the differential diagnosis clearly set out so that people can take a sensible course of action.

I know, good to see something in black and white from someone who knows!

To back this all up FMAUK have published the most up to date information available from expert sources, this has been thoroughly vetted for viability so can be regarded as accurate and up to date.

Link to the webpage:

crazyfitnessPWB Guest

Thank you for this Mr_Zoonie , that's really helpful. :)

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