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Gluten free pancakes with raspberries, as it's pancake day.

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Good morning everyone,

Today is Shrove Tuesday and that means it's pancake day, I love pancakes for breakfast and see pancakes as fast wholesome food.

I made these with 110g of Gluten free flour 1 large free range egg 200ml of full fat goats milk 1/4 teaspoon sea salt, with frozen raspberries.

The raspberries were frozen and I just heated them up to slightly puree them.

If anyone else makes pancakes please feel free to share your photo's and recipes.

I think that with the inclement weather we've had a pancake is a very cheerful start to the day and I didn't need to add sugar. 😊

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These look yummy Jerry, my eldest son is the pancake expert and he’ll be doing them later today. Mine will be blueberry and lemon with Greek yoghurt - looking forward to those!

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JerryAdministrator in reply to Fran182716

Thanks Fran, it's great that your son makes the pancakes, I was a single dad and taught my son to make pancakes and came home from work one Shrove Tuesday to see a pancake stuck to the ceiling, much to everyones amusement it later fell onto my head...

Yours sound perfect with blueberries and Greek yoghurt so you enjoy them. 😊

Those look very yummy, I had fruit and quark prior to my morning swim. Our pancake treat tonight will be Chinese duck with pancakes, homemade so very little fat.

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JerryAdministrator in reply to kitchengardener2

Hey thanks kitchengardener2 and you grow raspberries so will share my passion for them, well done for going for a a swim and enjoy your Chinese duck with pancakes tonight, as they all sound really good. 😊

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Thank you πŸ˜€

Not got a sweet tooth now but sometimes have a bit of my rosehip syrup and lemon juice. Add a spoonful of vanilla quark and I have a lovely pudding.

The weather has been horrendous hasn't it?

Saturday we were off to the station as we were going to Exeter for the weekend which I really enjoyed and I nearly got blown away as it was so windy and I had used foul language cursing the wind and rain as I was so fed up with it all!

Had a nice pub lunch out today with my friend after my interview this morning which I didn't get but I wasn't heartbroken over it and had said how most things at interview are beyond anyone's control and all I can do is my best and others experience is one of those things out of my control!

My friend says I have a great attitude and we laughed when I said how I had used bad language about the weather on Saturday and said how lots of people feel the same way!

I had an American breakfast with pancakes when we went to see our friends in Weston in January in wetherspoons there which I enjoyed and it was great value as well!

Saturday coming we are meeting up in Bristol and going to the harbour there.

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JerryAdministrator in reply to

Hi Hidden it's been horendous just more and more rain with high winds, I'm so looking forward to Spring as the daylight hours are getitng linger,

I'm glad that you enjoyed Exeter and had fun regardless of the weather and you'll find the right job when it comes along.

You've lots to look forwatd to as well so good for you. :)

in reply to Jerry

I said to the lady on the phone when she gave me the news how I can't control other people and how I knew with all my heart that I had given my best then that's what matters and she said to me that if anything comes up with them again to apply and I would apply to them again should anything else come up there.

Busy this afternoon job hunting and cleaning. The landlady said she is coming round to check for any storm damage tomorrow lunchtime after the recent storms so I thought it was an ideal time to show willing and give the place a clean whilst I am in at present.

I did clean the outside drain a couple of weeks ago as it was full of debris and it has stayed clear as I had a look this afternoon.

With the landlady she hardly ever visits and only intervenes when theres problems and she treats me with respect which is why I said that I have no problems with them coming in should they want to.

The difference with them giving short notice and those stupid managers at that previous job is that the landlady was polite over it and explained so that was no bother with me and she hardly visits so its a bit mean to begrudge her a visit.

With those stupid managers it wasn't the short notice in itself that upset me no it was the rude attitude that did and that they did it ad infinitum and demanded things rather than asking.

If they had asked me politely about things I wouldn't have been cross and wouldn't have minded having fitted them in at short notice but it was their attitude that they were entitled to it which was upset me rather than the short notice per se in itself.

You ask respectfully you don't order!

Yes pick wild hips each autumn and turn them into rosehip,lemon and ginger syrup. Keeps us in vitamin C all winter. Look back on my posts for the recipe. Actually Alys Fowlers but much better than shop bought.

The Thrify Forager

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Very nice, thanks for sharing. I replied with my recipe to avoid-sugar .

I also like to add ground pumpkin seed but this time didn’t.

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