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Tonights dinner, broad beans in peanut butter sauce. πŸ₯œ

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Hi everyone,

Here's what I made for dinner tonight I cooked some organic onions and mushrooms in some olive oil then added the broad beans carrots with sliced peppers black pepper ginger chilli's nutmeg with a few spoons of smooth peanut butter gluten free yeast extract and the water I cooked the cauliflower in. I had it with a baked potato and some cauliflower which's local and organic.

This is gluten free and not only plant based but packed with healthy plants...

I hope that you enjoy your Friday evening now.

Jerry 😊

27 Replies

Hi Hidden

Your meal looks really delicious - yum!

Zest :-)

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Aw thanks Zest thats a great compliment. 😊

Oh my goodness Jerry, that looks delicious. Peanut butter sauce, you've got my tastebuds going.πŸ˜‹

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Hey thanks Alicia and peanut butter makes a lovely sauce. πŸ˜€

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Oh it certainly does. Think my food processor will need to be used and peanuts to be roasted in the oven.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹

Looks delicious Jerry 😊

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Thanks Veeee I enjoyed it. 😊

Are you hungry now?

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Hi I'm well satiated thank you StillConcerned with no more food for at least 14 hours. 😊

That's interesting Jerry, because your baked potato has an estimated Gi of 85, and broad beans 79; way faster than table sugar.

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Hi StillConcerned my BMI is 20 and my body fat is 17% I have a 30" waist 40" chest so I need carbs and healthy carbs. I am a coeliac so have to avoid all gluten so I have enough dietary restrictions without starving myself when broad beans are very healthy and nutritious whereas table sugar is empty calories.

I love baked potatoes and home made gluten free bread and can eat all these things because I am in tune with my body.

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StillConcerned in reply to

I'm sorry, I wasn't meaning to be critical, just giving you facts to make an informed decision.

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Hi StillConcerned I'm sorry if I was tetchy and I know you're trying to be helpful as we have many diabetic and pre-diabetic members and this is important to them.

The Gi of broad beans show that as well as fibre and vital nutrients they also give us energy so as long as we burn off the energy we stay fit and well eating them.

Jerry 😊

Hello Jerry,

Looks lovely..

You've given me more thought about the peanut butter ingredient!


Hello TaurusLady and thank you as peanut butter has many tasty and healthy uses. 😊

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A tablespoon of peanut butter added to a tin of chopped tomatoes makes a delicious sauce. πŸ˜‹

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Hey thanks Hidden this sounds a great sauce as I also love tomatoes. 😊

Recently I've been using peanut butter to thicken my veggie soups and stews. It is a great ingredient to use and adds an lovely extra taste highlight. I use the crunchy variety to give a bit of extra texture too πŸ‘Œ

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Hi MTCee this sounds good to me peanut butter and spinach soup sounds nice so an interesting thought...😊

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A dash of orange juice works wonders in soups and stews too....

Sounded yummy! Lots of good ingredients!

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Thanks Dreambaby some of my favourite ingredients too...😊

I'm wondering how you became such a creative cook? I never know what to add to my food to make it taste good.

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Thank you whatgoingon thats a great compliment. I think that groups like HE can give us all inspiration and the more we cook the more we evolve by adding simple extra flavours. 😊

Somehow I think some people are more gifted in the cooking department. Food has never been a great motivator for me. Maybe because I don't enjoy food that much--I can't really grasp what goes with what. I also don't like to cook. Once in a while I make something that tastes good! I need to gain some weight but it is difficult when eating is on the back burner.

Hi whatgoingon I think that you've answered your own question here as I'm a foodie and I enjoy food and simple honest food.

Recipes are only guides and the more we cook and adapt the more we understand what works with what for us. So I bet you can make some tasty dishes.

What might work for you is a slow cooker so you get the chore part out of the way and then leave a crock pot slowly cooking away making your home smell really nice with the prospect of an appetising meal.

In my opinion it's not the cooking it's how you perceive cooking so good luck with this as we don't want you wasting away and you have to see yourself as worth making an effort for...

Jerry 😊

Thank you your lovely dish.I Will try myself.

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