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National Stress Awareness Week 2019. 🌞

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Hello everyone,

Today is the start of National Stress Awareness Week, everyone suffers from stress in one way or another or in many ways and part of it is learning to accept ourselves be mindful of our faults and very importantly learning to leave the past in the past where it belongs as it's easy to cling on to bitter memories and this creates anxiety as we cannot change the past nor our fears of the future yet if we can absorb ourselves in the present we deal with problems as they arise and don't have time to do anything but act on them.

I combat stress by firstly acknowledging it and I find either switching off and relaxing quietly like in my garden and maybe reading some poetry, or I focus all my attention on something simple like a leaf and look at it in intricate detail and it brings me back bang into the present. Or I do something energetic like a walk in the middle of nature and thats quickly gets rid of negative mental energy.

So if any of you would like to to talk about your stress or your tips for dealing with stress then please do as it affects us all and most importantly please remember you are not alone.

Here's a link:

The photo is taken from my bench in my back garden where I enjoy relaxing. 😊

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Hi Hidden

Lovely to see where you enjoy relaxing, and thanks for the information about National Stress Awareness Week.

Wishing you and everyone a good week, and let's hope we can negotiate any stressors that come our way.

Zest :-)

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Thank you Zest and I second your sentiment. 😊

Hi Jerry

Thank you for sharing.

You are so right as we've all suffered with stress sometimes in our lives. I suffered with it because of working for someone who was a bully. Fortunately I am no longer working and that person has now left work.

You are on point about the methods of handling stress as I go for a walk and even though it's power walking I still take note if what's around me. We have such beautiful countryside in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland and it's good that for most of us we are not that far away from.tge beauty.

Enjoy the rest of your day and week ahead.


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Hi Alicia and you power walk mindfully and I like that and don't you feel good for it. And you are so right we take our beautiful countryside for granted when the countryside is beautiful all weathers when towns and cities are grey and drab...

You enjoy your week now.

Jerry. 😊

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Hi Jerry

Yes I certainly do and I got in from a power walk about half hour ago just befoŕe it got dark.

We've had a fair bit if very heavy rain today and I managed to find a window in the weather where it was dry, I feel good.

Yes we do take it for granted and it's only since I've had more time at home that I'm appreciating it a lot more.


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Kai-- in reply to


Bit of ‘practical’(?) stress release:


😂 🤪 🤣


[ , ] ☺️ 🙏 🍀 🌺 🌞


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And you mentioned climbing up a mountain, well walking for me but I absolutely love it. Bring on the Lake District.😁

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This is quite timely for me Hidden , it’s a very stressful time at work, big changes being made and us being told to make choices when they can’t tell us what the choices will look like. Trying to keep the lid on my own stress and support other staff at work is very challenging, and this is the sort of thing that usually sends healthy eating out of the window, but so far I’ve managed to stick to my goals for health if not for calories. I have a long track history of losing weight in the spring/summer and regaining it in the winter, so I’m determined not to do that this time as I’ve got my blood sugars well under control. If I can maintain my current weight through to the spring I’ll only have 9lb to lose next year. My best stress buster is walking somewhere where there’s natural beauty. I’ll be watching this thread for other people’s ideas!

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Hi Fran, it's difficult when something out of our control affects us, so it is stressful with no fault of our own, it just doesn't seem fair.

Ultimately you will feel better for eating healthily as it will give you strength in dealing with this as you haven't given in too temptation, so very good for you and I wish you well with this.

Jerry. 😊

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