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Bing eating & emotional eating

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I sometimes go through phases of binge & emotional eating. I am trying to tackle it and even joined slimming world ; I really want to eat healthy and have a balanced diet for the sake of my Mental health and weight. I am currently 5ft3 and weight 13 st 1.5 lbs 😩

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Hi Butterfly93 firstly welcome to our friendly forum and thank you for introducing yourself.

I am sorry that you binge eat and I think that you should ask your GP for medical guidance and counselling to help you change your relationship with food and you have to change your mindset first.

If you eat healthily with adequate exercise you will regain your fitness so you are in great company on here and we will support you all that we can.

I wish you well and you must know that you are not alone in your current habits.

Jerry 😊

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Butterfly93 in reply to Jerry

Awwww thanks Jerry I feel reassured all ready and yes I will definitely speak to my Gp when I get a chance !

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Hi Butterfly93

Wishing you a very warm welcome to the Healthy eating forum, and hope you'll enjoy participating here.

Zest :-)

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Butterfly93 in reply to Zest

Thanks Zest 🤗

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I'm quite bad for this too... I've been investigating something called Intuitive Eating at the moment, which is about learning to listen better to your hunger/full signals.

The biggest thing I struggle with is emotional eating, especially boredom eating, so I've been having a think each night about other things I can do to distract myself. I've even been writing them down and its been really helpful! Last night I didn't visit the fridge once :)

Today I also read a blog piece by this lady:

You might find it helpful :)

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Butterfly93 in reply to Cooper27

Awwwwww thanks Cooper27, I’m glad I’m not alone ! I’ll definitely have a read at the blog and try the writing things down technique x

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djsapg in reply to Cooper27

like you I bordom eat and drink. I've just swooped my snacks and drinks for healthier options its working so far.

Gosh Ramsgetfit, I am 13st 4 and would like to know how to get to 13:1! Have you any tips and ideas? I do a lot of walking to help with fitness and try to watch what I eat but not losing any pounds at the moment.

Any ideas would be helpful. 😀

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Butterfly93 in reply to Biomet

Have you tried doing intermittent fasting ? Where you have an 8 hour eating window, then fast for 16 hours which includes sleeping time as well. I plenty water, aim for 10k steps more veg than fruits and wholemeal carbs

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djsapg in reply to Biomet

a couple of weeks ago I too weighed 13st 1 lb .6 I've cut out wine and nibbles and lowered my carbs . I'm eating really healthy foods but still allow myself treats like baked lower calorie crisps. I've lost 8lbs in just over 2 weeks. I know it wi slow down but I'm really enjoying this site and all the support. recipes on here grest. good luck take each meal one at a time and just try to swop a few things you love for a healthier option x

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Butterfly93 in reply to djsapg

Thanks and well done to you. I definitely don’t want to deprive myself.

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Hello. I just read your post and can relate so thought I would share my experience. I have a binge eating disorder. For years I tried to loose weight and joined various diet clubs only to loose weight then binge and gain weight. I found a charity that offer advice and they told me I would never recover as long as I try to diet. I struggled with this as I so badly wanted to loose weight. In the end I could no longer restrict food and have had to accept I will never be slim. I eat three meals a day and do not deprive myself. I am overweight but I have not binged in several months. I really do understand the desire to loose weight though. I would love to be slim but I just cannot be. I see binge eating as a deep psychological condition which needs help. I hope your GP can offer you some therapy.

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Butterfly93 in reply to Hidden

Thanks for responding & sharing your story. Yes, I agree binge eating is linked to physiological, but I’m still going to try and loose weight reason being I want to be at a healthy size that I was once before having my previous daughter 4 years ago. xx

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Hi Butterfly93, really hope your GP can refer you for some psychological support. I don’t have experience of actual binge eating as I’ve never been able to eat big volumes of food, but I can definitely relate to eating poorly ( grazing throughout the day on high calorie low nutrition snack foods instead of eating healthy meals) due to emotional or work stress. I read a book recommended to me by someone on the HU weight loss site - it’s called “Ditching diets” by Gillian Riley, and I found it very refreshing, helping you look at how you choose food from a different perspective. Her take on it is that you have to truly be motivated by your health because the motivation for looking better is rarely strong enough long term. I couldn’t follow the book completely as I was diagnosed pre diabetic and it was important for me to prioritise losing the weight as well as changing my relationship with food, but it did offer me some very useful insights. I also think you need to find a range of healthy foods that you also really enjoy to keep you well nourished and avoid feelings of deprivation. Good luck 😀

Thanks hun I appreciate that ! Going to see Gp next week so hopefully I’ll voice my concerns xx

Hi Butterfly,. Well done for joining SW its a good start. I too have completely off the radar nights (usually) where I stuff my face with all sorts, usually biscuits, altho most of time manage to control it by stocking up with low syn ones, B & M carry a range, and there are lists that give lots of syn values,

I am in online group and use the planner which helps me to USUALLY plan my syns into my day.

DONT GIVE UP, its a rare person who never falls off the plan.

I find the usual and expected gain A. Gives me a timely reminder and also B seem to try harder and get it off.

I am also 5'3" and started out at 13st2lbs so same as you. Its taken me nearly a year but now 10st.9.5lbs am not at target YET but hope to be soon.

Good luck, and remember if I can do it so can you!!

Ps. Am 79 so not quite so active as once but manage to keep pottering about and walking is as good as anything

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