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Food additives in poll revealed.

Hi everyone,

Here's what the additives in the poll are:

Artificial colours are used to make food look more attractive and are used extensively in cola's and baked goods they are made from petroleum these days and their use has risen by 500% in the last 50 years.

Artificial flavours are chemical compounds that mimic real foods so you could have vegan chicken soup etc.

Bulking agents are modified starches with no taste or nutritional value used to bulk foods.

Carrageenan is made from red seaweed and is believed to exacerbate intestinal disorders.

High Fructose Corn Syrup is made from corn and is in many foods including coffee creamers yoghurts granola bars, they are linked to obesity diabetes and heart disease.

Hydrogenated oils are man made trans fats

Sodium benzoate is used to increase shelf life of food and used with vitamin C can create benzene which is carcinogen.

Sodium nitrate is a preservative used to give food a longer shelf life and give meat a salty flavour and a pink colour, when exposed to his heat sodium nitrate can be converted into nitrosamine which can cause stomach cancer.

Here are some links for further info.

To me this shows that we are what we eat and literally. 😊

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Thank you so much for sharing Jerry. They shouldn't be allowed to use stuff like this in our food.

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Hi Alicia, if you mean: "Not for for human consumption" I don't think that would go down to well on food labels. 😁

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Definitely not🤣🤣. I do think though that the powers that be ought to get tougher on what's in our food, if they didn't use such chemicals I'm pretty sure the NHS waiting list would go down!

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Hey Alicia, you want to read Jethro Kloss back to Eden as he was a food campaigner for a natural food diet around the turn of the last century and he warned then that in years to come our hospitals would be full of people because of their poor diet and boy was he right.

He was also a Seventh day Adventist and made his own sweetener by double baking corn making a simple dextrose.

A very interesting character that's for sure. 😊

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Thank you Jerry for sharing. He sounds like he was way before his time but he was right.

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SMITHYCHealth Champion

Its like the artificial sweetners. I keep away from them.

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Me to SMITHYC so good for you. 😊

Dear Jerry,

There IS, a system, that Preserves the 'Shelf Life' of Produce to, at least, two years. Is Completely Safe, certainly relative to chemicals, and doesn't, significantly anyway, affect the Taste of Foodstuffs. What is this Method, you may well ask....High Intensity Gamma Rays. 'Background' Gamma Rays 'Hit us' quite naturally at ALL times! At Natural levels, these are harmless- indeed Life on Earth has evolved under a constant bombardment. At MUCH Higher Intensities, these rays, can Completely Kill ALL Micro- Organisms. The rays then simply Harmlessly Dissipate. I doubt that anyone would Worry About handling an X-Ray Plate, after it had been 'Developed', Gamma Rays are the SAME Type of High Energy Radiation.

Other methods, though sometimes 'Trickier' to carry out, include Steam Sterilisation- bear in mind the heat of steam CAN affect Taste, along with other Heating Methods. Some Products CAN be Cooked, then Placed in Tins/ Packets, whilst still hot- or even Cooked in the Tin- baked beans often are!

One Other 'Thing' to bear in mind....Sodium, or Potassium, Nitrate can react with Other Chemicals, to become, Sodium/ Potassium Nitrite...which has been shown, in some studies anyway, to be Cancer Causing. Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) is, in itself, ENTIRLY safe- some studies have show this to be the Least Toxic chemical on Earth! That said it, WILL react with other Additives, and as mentioned above, possibly produce Harmful Substances.

If you want to be as SAFE as possible, buy your own ingredients- from an outlet you trust- cook your own food, then Freeze it- in Containers you are 'Happy' with...I could 'Go On' here, telling to Rear (is that the right spelling?) your own 'Live Stock', live Off Grid.....Ok just DO what we all 'do' and Be Careful!

Do Try, to find, the 'Irradiated' Foodstuffs though....and Enjoy them!


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Thanks for the information!

It's interesting when you get into the ways to bypass people's aversion to synthetic things too. They use crushed beetles to get a red colouring, because they can still refer to it as natural colourings. An extract from beavers is used to provide a "natural" vanilla flavour.

I'm also aware that they can avoid mentioning nitrates on the label, by using concentrated Beetroot or celery juice (they're both natural sources of nitrates).

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Sounds marvellous Cooper...LOL 🤢

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Good list to avoid there Jerry 😀

I knew of some of these but not all of it I recently heard about a substance that is used to coat the inside of cans which can leak into the foods😟 have you heard of this ? It’s called bisphenol ? I think unless you live on an island and grow your own food you can never get away with eating something with rubbish in ☹️

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Kitten-whiskersVegan star

Absolutely shocking! Have the food industry paired up with the drug companies - to keep us ill and rake in the money

You have probably hit the nail on the head. It's always about money

I try to grow some of my own stuff. You are I'm the hands of the god's when buying food.

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Kitten-whiskersVegan star in reply to Widawake

Thank you , They can not be trusted, there is enough evidence to prove it

I don't get time to grow my own veggies, but would like to : >

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