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Gluten free Almond shortbread biscuits.

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Hi everyone,

I made these earlier today as they are my favourite biscuits and I make lots of variations.

Here's the recipe: 200g GF plain flour 120g ground almonds 200g butter 100g soft dark brown sugar 2 large free range eggs. Flaked almonds to top.

Just whiz everything up in a food processor spread dough into a baking tray top with flaked almonds and bake in a hot over 175C for approx 40 mins until cooked.

Compared to shop biscuits these have a low percentage of sugar and are made with wholesome ingredients. I shall freeze some as well.

I like them on their own and with fruit like raspberries strawberries or bananas. 😊

20 Replies
Zest profile image

Hi Hidden

Wow, those Gluten Free Almond Shortbread Biscuits look fantastic. I am so glad you've posted the recipe - they look superb! Good to know they freeze well too. :-)

Zest :-)

in reply to Zest

Thank you very much Zest as I've seen your scrumptious cookies. 😊

Kaz747 profile image

They look delicious Jerry

in reply to Kaz747

Thank you Kaz, that's a great compliment as I've seen how well you bake.😊

Cooper27 profile image

These look great! I've yet to perfect gluten free shortbread, so I'll definitely give this a go!

Thanks Cooper27, I hope that you enjoy them. 😊

andyswarbs profile image

Home made biscuits are amazing.

in reply to andyswarbs

Thanks Andy, πŸ‘

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Can these be made with a healthier flour? Most GF flours are pure starch. I was thinking almond?

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Cooper27Administrator in reply to Jannebarn

I think you could substitute coconut flour here and get a nice taste (I think you would use 50g of coconut flour), but you would also need to add extra eggs.

A brown rice flour would probably work well (again, you might need more liquid), but that might fall under the starch concerns.

in reply to Cooper27

Hi Cooper, coconut flour is twice as absorbent as most flours so you use 50g instead of 100g

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Cooper27Administrator in reply to

Thanks :) I knew there was a general rule of thumb!

in reply to Cooper27

Hi Cooper27, here's a vegan recipe with ground almonds and coconut flour:

One of the admin on VFL is on a GF diet. 😊

in reply to Jannebarn

Hi there, I don't use codex wheat starch if thats what you mean. I use a combination of naturally gluten free flours. I used buckwheat and ground almonds for these so they're healthy enough for me.

Here's a variation I made with a gooseberry topping:

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Jannebarn in reply to

I don't know what codex wheat starch is LOL. Buckwheat and almond sound okay - what is the ratio you used?

in reply to Jannebarn

Hi Jannebarn, I used 120g ground almonds to 200 buckwheat flour the recipe is on the post. I use lots of flour including gram flour which are healthy. I also grind quinoa in coffee grinder and as use that for baking. 😊

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Jannebarn in reply to

Clearly we are totally on the same GF flour page! Thank you.

in reply to Jannebarn

Thank you too and if you like natural GF flours and want super healthy cookies here's some gluten free vegan ones and there's more on the GF Topic section on HE and on VFL:

One of the admin on VFL is GF and gluten baking is one of my favourite subjects. 😊

Delicious! But how do you stop them crumbling everywhere??

in reply to

Thank you, now they're not crumbly because I used eggs and egg whites replicate gluten really well. 😊

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