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Lunch out today :-)


Hi everyone,

In Guernsey at the moment, we have a Tennerfest going on, which means all the participating restaurants have a fixed price menu, within a reasonable price range - and they have some fantastic meals to choose from - you can choose how many courses to have - and I chose a starter and a main today.

It was lovely! The starter is some Haddock Fish Cake with a Poached egg on top, and the main course is some Sea Bass with fresh veggies and mashed potato. Very yummy! This was my first Tennerfest Meal - and it's mid-October already, I will hope to have another before the month is over. :-)

Zest :-)

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Hi Zest, both courses looks scrumptious to me, also they are very good value. I've never heard of a Tenerfest before and I've got some good news for you its is until the 11th Nov:

The more I find out about Guernsey the more I think the stories of it being invaded by fairies is true...😊

ZestStar in reply to Jerry

Hi Jerry

Yes, that's the Tennerfest - and I know it goes on till November - I have a paper copy of all the menus - they deliver them with our local paper so we are faced with all those tempting menus to choose from! :-) I have recently got a book out of the library about the Local Folklore, so I'll be reading about those Fairy Invasions soon. :-)

Zest :-)

What happens when the month is over; do they not have the fish you want after that? I live near no coast so just wondering how it works.

ZestStar in reply to G1nny

Hi G1nny

It's purely a 'Food-Related Festival' - so it just means that instead of offering usual menus, the participating restaurants try to create menus within a fixed price - Jerry has put a link to the Tennerfest menus above if you want to take a look at them to see what I mean.

Then once the Festival is over (early November) they will return their menus to their normal ones - and the prices may be higher than is typical of the 'Tennerfest menus'. :-) This festival is in the Channel Islands, on the islands of Guernsey and in Jersey too.

Zest :-)

G1nny in reply to Zest

Thank you, guess I have a lot of googling to do: Channel Islands, Guernsey and jersey along with other things. Love learning about y’all.

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