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Chicken & Broccoli Bake :-)

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Hi everyone,

I tried a new recipe this evening. I adapted it from this one, which is from BBC Good Food:

Basically, I stir-fried a large chopped white onion in some olive oil, and added a couple of chicken breasts to the pan, and cooked till slightly golden brown. In the meantime, I put some potatoes in a pan to boil, and some broccoli in a steamer on top to steam - and then made a sauce (containing a tin of condensed chicken soup; approx. 40g mayonnaise; 2 large spoonfuls of wholegrain mustard; 1 teaspoon curry powder; and a drop of milk - and stirred till the consistency was rich and creamy) - I didn't add any cream - although I think the original recipe might have some cream added - you could adjust to your own tastes etc, like I have. The original recipe didn't have any wholegrain mustard in it, but I fancied the 'zing' that mustard adds - and I thought it was a good addition.

Then I got a baking dish and put the onions, chicken, potatoes and broccoli in the dish, and covered with the sauce, and baked it for approx. 45 minutes (in a fan oven on 180'C) - and for the final 20 minutes of cooking I added some grated cheddar cheese on top to bubble and cook through.

It was incredibly tasty. I imagine it is reasonably calorific though - but I fancied something like this tonight, and felt the recipe would be yummy - and it was. My hubby really enjoyed it too. :-)

Zest :-)

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This looks delicious Zest and baked perfectly. Broccoli goes well with most things and I really like the sound of extra zing. 😊

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ZestStar in reply to Jerry

Hi Jerry

Broccoli was a popular choice this evening - and it is lovely baked. :-)

Zest :-)

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