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Casserole Tonight :-)


Hi everyone,

I had a container of soup in the freezer, called 'Smoky Tomato, Bean & Chorizo-style Sausage Soup' (which was by Slimming World), and I de-frosted it overnight and used it as a base for a Casserole.

Basically I used my casserole dish to saute some onions and diced chicken in some olive oil for a few minutes, and then added the following diced vegetables: Butternut squash, 1 large tomato, 2 carrots, some green string beans, a tin of cannellini beans. I also added the soup, a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, and baked it in the oven for about an hour on 180'C (fan oven) and then at 140'C for a final 30 minutes. Prior to the last 30 minutes, I also added some wholemeal flour a little water to make a paste and some chia seeds - just to thicken the casserole up. I served it in bowls alongside some new potatoes, and it was a very tasty meal.

It has made 4 good portions, and so I'll be having another meal tomorrow - and might have it with some wholemeal pasta or brown rice, depending on my preference on the day.

Zest :-)

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That look delicious Zest 😊

ZestStar in reply to Henbur

Thanks Henbur - it has a good depth of flavour.

Zest :-)

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