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Delicious Breakfast :-)

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Hi everyone,

It's the weekend, and I've started the day with my favourite breakfast - Porridge, with Nuts, Seeds, & Fruit. It was delicious!

I hope you've enjoyed your breakfast (if you've had one), and please tell me what it was, if you want to share - it's great to hear different breakfast options.

Wishing everyone a great weekend.

Zest :-)

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Hi Zest, this looks amazing I'm sure you're adding more extra's making it a brilliant start to the day.

Its a lovely crisp Autumn day here so you enjoy your weekend too.🙂

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Hi Jerry

Yes, I added in banana, and also hazelnuts. But often I present the porridge with the nuts 'hidden' (not on purpose) - it is just how I layer it normally - but today I let the nuts thrive on top!

Zest :-)

Enjoy your weekend with healthy & delicious meal zest😘

in reply to avoid-sugar

Thanks so much avoid-sugar - you too!

Zest :-)

Thats a very attractive healthy looking breakfast ZEST and a nice assortment of nuts too. I had some strawberries and grapes for breakfast and some of my rice and veg that i made yesterday. keeping the portions small. i felt much better last night and had no acid by keeping my meals small. have a nice week end yourself Zest. love grace xoxo 😀

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Hi Grace,

I am very happy to hear you felt better last night and had no acid - keeping your meals small seems to have been effective, that's good to hear! Your meal last night looked very appetising indeed. :-)

Thanks for your kind comments on my breakfast, and I definitely enjoyed that breakfast. :-)

Zest :-) xxx

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