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Breakfast on the Weekend :-)


Hi everyone,

Another weekend, and the start of September 2018 - I can't believe it's September already. Where has the time gone!?

I had a delicious breakfast - Porridge with nuts, seeds and fruits, and it was a vibrant and delicious way to start the day.

What did you have for your breakfast today?

I've just enjoyed compiling the Monthly Selection of posts from August - and I'll put a link here, incase you want to take a look:

Some really nice posts, and a great community.

Here's to a lovely weekend and I hope September will be an enjoyable month for us all. :-)

Zest :-)

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Hi Zest, you might as well start the month off as you mean to go on...a lovely breakfast too which will set you up for the weekend. 😊

ZestStar in reply to Jerry

Hi Jerry

Yes, a good start to the month. :-)

Zest :-)

hello Zest iv had a long lie in bed today and have only eaten a nectarine and polo mints. not a very good combination but its a bad habit with those mints.yes the time just flys doesnt it and i'v noticed the older im getting the faster its going. i got two packs of organic oats from Tesco and they are rather large so i shall put them in the food processor and make them a bit smaller i shall soon be eating porridge again as i do enjoy it even for supper. thanks for all the work you do for the enjoyment of others And also so does Jerry and its nice to be appreciated. which you both are. love grace xoxo

ZestStar in reply to grace111

Hi Grace,

Thanks so much, and I shall tag Jerry so he knows what you said - I appreciate the participation of everyone in this forum, because without everyone posting and replying, it wouldn't be as great a forum as it is!

Glad you've got some organic oats - I bet you will enjoy them. :-)

Zest :-)

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