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A Favourite Meal of Mine :-)


Hi everyone,

For lunch today I enjoyed some Smoked Haddock and a Poached egg on some sourdough baguette with butter. I also had half a baked tomato. It's a favourite meal of mine, that I'll either have for breakfast or for lunch - and even occasionally as an evening meal, so a versatile choice in my opinion.

I am also showing a couple of photos I took whilst out walking this morning - a lovely white Butterfly bush, plus obliging butterfly - and a beautiful pink flower as well.

Hope you're enjoying the weekend.

Zest :-)

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Hi Zest, a great subject favourite meal and I can see why yours is a favourite as it looks scrumptious.

The flowers look lovely too and the white Buddleia especially so. 😊

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Hi Jerry

Thanks, and the White Buddleia was something more unusual, which is why I spotted it, as I haven't seen a white one before, only the lilac ones.

Zest :-)

Looks delicious! I also like poached eggs, especially for breakfast. Cooking is my passion, I like to try smth new and take homemade food to work. Even ordered special containers for that here allinpackaging.co.uk/food-p... . That's very convy.

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Yes, poached eggs are so tasty. Great that you enjoy cooking.

Zest :-)

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