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Porridge for Breakfast - I love it :-)


Hi everyone,

Last week, Jerry did a Poll asking what our favourite breakfast is, and I happened to be the first voter - and I managed to capture a photo of the resulting vote - and was thrilled to see it was like a massive purple circle (my favourite colour, as well as porridge being my favourite breakfast) - so that is the reason for that first photo today.

If you want to see Jerry's poll as it currently stands - porridge is still the favourite choice - and the link to that poll is here:


The poll is still open if you want to join in - polls are fun. :-)

My breakfast - yes, it's porridge, with nuts, seeds and fruits - and some Coconut Kefir on top. It was very tasty.

There is a Topic called 'Porridge' so if you want to look at other pictures of people's porridge, here's the place:


Zest :-)

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Good morning Zest and it is obviously a good morning for you, I did a double take when I saw the poll with just porridge and thought that it had crashed LOL.

I love the polls and am often taken aback by the responses which I think are really great so thanks to everyone who contributes.

You have a lovely fruit, seed and nut porridge here which is very attractive healthy and wholesome. 😊

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Hi Jerry

Sorry to give you a shock like that - just my bit of fun, as I was so surprised to see I'd been the first voter that morning. I am clearly a keen Porridge Lover. :-)

Hope you have a lovely day - the sun is shining again. :-)

You have thought up some great Poll ideas - I've really enjoyed participating in them. :-)

Zest 8-)

I have Porridge nearly every day & it does NOT spike my BG. Keeps me full for hours too. From someone who has been T1 DIABETIC for a long time.

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That is great to know that you are enjoying porridge, and that it doesn't spike your blood glucose, plus keeps you full for hours too - I love porridge too. :-)

Zest :-)

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