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Another sunny day :-)


Hi everyone,

Another sunny day today - and I started the day with my usual Porridge breakfast, with nuts, seeds and fruit. I am also showing a snack I had last night - which was some Icelandic-style yoghurt with nuts and fruit and pumpkin seeds. Both were delicious.

I have just got my weekly Fitbit report, so I'm also attaching that to my collage - as it will spur me on to keep active this week too - hopefully!

Zest :-)

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Good morning Zest great snack great porridge and great keep it up...😊

in reply to Jerry

Hi Jerry

Thank you, I'll do my best!

Zest :-)

I'm being really radical today, instead of having my overnight oats for breakfast - I decided to have them for lunch!

Breakfast was a green smoothie instead.

Well done keeping active, and hope you have a good sunny day :)

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Hi benwl

Great to hear you're enjoying a really Radical day today! I bet the Green Smoothie was tasty and the overnight oats would have been yummy for lunch.

Thanks for your encouragement too - and here's to a sunny day. I still think of you when I'm doing my Squats and Press-ups etc - which reminds me, I've not done any for two days... I hope to do some later. I was doing them daily a couple of weeks back, but it's slipped a bit!

Zest :-)

in reply to Zest

The overnight oats for lunch was great, definitely going to do that again.

The green smoothie was ok, I was going for health over taste and not sure that a broccoli, kale and spinach combo is ever going to taste amazing :)

Glad you are still doing the squats, I slip up as well from doing them everyday.

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