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Lunch out & Lovely View :-)


Hi everyone,

I really like this photo I took today - with the lilac Buddleias in the foreground, and Soldier's Bay, Guernsey, in the background.

My lunch was a Chipotle, Lentil & Bean Chilli with some rice, guacamole and sour cream - plus half a cherry tomato on top to garnish, and it's one of my favourite meals. I hope to find a recipe to replicate it at home. If anyone has any recipes for that kind of chilli dish, please let me know!

Zest :-)

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Hi Zest, what a delicious looking lunch and beautifully presented, I'll be interested in chipotle recipes as well as I do like the sound of it...mmm...

A wonderful view of the Bay makes me want a paddle in the sea...😊

in reply to Jerry

Thanks Jerry - I agree that a paddle in the sea sounds like the most perfect thing!

The Chipotle gives an excellent kick of spice and flavour - really good!

Zest :-)

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