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Breakfast :-)


Hi everyone,

Last night I had a 'snack' of some yoghurt with pumpkin seeds, walnuts and blueberries - but I think that is a nice breakfast option too, so I'm going to include it in the 'breakfast' topic.

Then I have included a photo of my breakfast this morning, which was Porridge (30g) with nuts (4 almonds, walnuts, 2 Brazil nuts) and fruit (half a nectarine and 2 strawberries) and seeds (pumpkin, chia, brown linseed, and sunflower) plus some Coconut Kefir.

I always enjoy my breakfast, and it feels like a positive start to the day.

Wishing everyone a great weekend.

Zest :-)

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Good morning Zest, a very healthy breakfast and snack with lots of taste and packed with nutrition.

I have to agree that I love my breakfast and it sets me up for the day so you enjoy the rest of the weekend. 😊

in reply to Jerry

Thanks Jerry - here's to a great day ahead. 8-)

Zest :-)

Hi Zest . That looks interesting. I should have taken a photo of my porridge with peaches. Will try to do that for Monday. Hope you are having a healthy weekend.

in reply to Greyone

Hi Greyone

I would love to see a photo of your Porridge with Peaches, so I'm going to look forward to that on Monday. I hope you enjoyed it, when you had it today.

Yes, I am trying to have a healthy weekend, and it's going ok so far. :-) Hope you are enjoying yours, and coping with the heat.

Zest :-)

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