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Cajun Chicken & Bean Soup for Lunch today :-)


Hi everyone,

Yesterday I did a slow-cooked Cajun Chicken casserole, to which I added some Cannelini beans, tomatoes, white onions and carrots. I had it last night with some wholemeal pasta and goat's cheese in the form of a pasta bake.

I had some of the Casserole left over today - and it actually makes a delicious soup - so I had it with some wholemeal bread and butter. It was quite spicy (Hot paprika and Cajun spices) and made my nose run, but I really enjoyed it. :-)

Zest :-)

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Hi Zest, a lovely tasty soup here and I love spicy soups, there's a rumour that you're getting excited as its nearly the weekend...😊

ZestStar in reply to Jerry

Hi Jerry

I know how these rumours get around. Ha ha - you made me laugh. :-) Yes, I am already feeling excited about the weekend, I love them!

Zest :-)

Looks lovely, Zest. I love spicy foods and add chilli flakes to most things.

ZestStar in reply to QueenTea

Thanks QueenTea - I love spicy food as well.

Zest :-)

Looks delicious as always x

ZestStar in reply to Olliesmummy

Thanks Olliesmummy - I enjoy spicy soups. :-)

Zest :-)

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