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My Exercise Goals for this week :-)


Hi everyone,

I am just putting my goals for this week, so that I hopefully stick to them, and I am also putting a photo of last week's Fitbit data - which I was pleased with, and also my breakfast (which was my usual porridge, with nuts, seeds and fruit) and also a snack I had last night which was some Greek-style yoghurt with nuts, seeds and fruit.

So, my goals and pledges for this week are:

1) Try to do two outdoor runs - hopefully of 5km distance per run.

2) Do some rowing on the rowing machine (1km every other day at least)

3) Achieve 10,000 steps per day and achieve some 'brisk walking' within that.

4) Eat some healthy meals - reducing my butter consumption (as I tend to be overly lavish with butter otherwise).

5) Continue my Strength exercises - 20 squats and 20 press-ups in the morning, and then repeat the same in the afternoon/evening.

6) Allow a rest-day for exercise.

If anyone would like to join me in pledging something for this week, please do - or start your own thread if you prefer - it is very motivating to pledge publicly. That is why I am doing this - it really makes me 'do it'.

Wishing everyone a great week.

Zest :-)

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Good morning Zest,

A lovely looking brekky as usual, very colourful and fruity.

As for your pledges they are great and look achievable which's very good as is having a rest day.

Now pledging to eat some healthy meals when to me you set a really good example of someone who eats healthily. So I wouldn't give yourself a hard time with this pledge as its also important to enjoy our food.

So good for you and you can do it,

Jerry 😊

ZestStar in reply to Jerry

Thanks Jerry - I appreciate your encouragement. :-)

Zest :-)

Hi Zest, good to see you are still doing those squats :)

What I want to do now is develop a consistent morning routine, and i want to start with something so short that'll definitely be able to do it everyday. So I'm going to do a few rounds of sun salutations and then 15 squats and push ups each morning.

Food wise I'd like to increase my consumption of greens so going to eat spinach every day!

ZestStar in reply to benwl

Hi benwl

Great to hear from you, and I think of you when I'm doing my Squats and press-ups - glad to hear you're getting on well and that you're aiming to develop a consistent morning routine - it sounds a good combination - and excellent too that you're increasing your consumption of greens - I have some Kale in my fridge that I need to use up - so you've reminded me of that! :-)

Spinach is tasty. :-)

Wishing you an excellent week.

Zest :-)

Your breakfast looks delicious as always, Zest - are those fresh apricots?

My goals are to do the Strength & Flex podcast twice a week

15000 steps a day (this does include my run days, so not overly ambitious)

Try not to snack during the week (failed at that today!)

I'm off to a Salsa class at lunchtime - dancing is great fun!

ZestStar in reply to QueenTea

Hi QueenTea

Yes, I bought some fresh apricots a couple of days ago - and have been enjoying them ever since - normally I buy dried ones, so it was refreshing to have some fresh ones!

Your goals sound great, and wishing you success with them.

Enjoy your Salsa Class tonight - dancing is definitely great fun!

Zest :-)

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