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Dinner: Homemade Chicken Curry & Basmati Rice & Ice-cream for Dessert :-)


Hi everyone,

I fancied a curry tonight, so made a Homemade chicken curry with lots of veggies - and had it on a bed of Black & Brown Basmati Rice. Afterwards I had some Vanilla & Rum and Raisin Dairy Ice-cream and half a banana and some flaked almonds. Yum!

I took a photo of my apple tree, which has a few very tiny apples starting to grow. Exciting to see them there.

Hope you are enjoying your evening.

Zest :-)

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Your chicken curry looks delicious Zest. 😋I used to have 2 massive apple trees 1 green apple tree & 1 red.I did loads of apple juice & apple cider but now I have to buy apples..😀

Have a lovely evening.😊

ZestStar in reply to avoid-sugar

Hi avoid-sugar

I have only had my apple tree for a couple of years - last year it produced a couple of apples, and this year it seems to have several more, so I am pleased with how it's doing. I'm glad we're talking about apples, as I've just remembered that I bought some a couple of days ago, and I had forgotten about them! I'll be enjoying one later. :-)

Hope you have a lovely evening.

Zest :-)


Hi Zest, 👩‍🍳 very tasty looking curry here and flaked almonds, banana with ice cream another winning combo.

Your baby apples look good as the apple blossom has just finished flowering.

Have a great evening now Zest.😊

ZestStar in reply to Jerry

Thanks Jerry - hope you enjoy your evening.

Zest :-)

Looks delicious, Zest. I like the look of the mixed rice - must try that myself. Flaked almonds go well with so many things. I’m sure your apples will be lovely later in the year. So nice to grow your own. 🙂

ZestStar in reply to QueenTea

Thanks QueenTea - I hope you enjoy the rice, if you decide to try it - I only mixed them as I had a bit of each left! But they were good. :-)

Zest :-)

How do you make your curry? 😁

ZestStar in reply to Olliesmummy

Hi Olliesmummy

I used to use a "Balti Sauce" and add vegetables and chicken etc, but nowadays I tend to cut up the chicken and marinade it for a couple of hours in some greek-style yoghurt and spices (often use a mixture of medium curry powder, cinnamon, turmeric, and cumin) - and I then bake that mixture for approx 20 minutes until it is cooked, whilst frying white onions in a frying pan, and I usually bake a mixture of veggies on a baking try whilst the chicken is cooking too (typically whatever veggies I fancy at the time), again for approx 20 to 25 mins (turning them over half-way) - they are usually drizzled with some olive oil.

Then I tend to combine all the ingredients in a large frying pan, and add some passata and some tomato puree and often a couple of freshly chopped tomatoes too - and I then stir it all through and cook it together. Meanwhile I have cooked basmati wholemeal rice (often using black or brown rice as my preferred options).

I have no idea if this is a good way to make a curry - it is just what I have ended up doing - and it always tastes really nice, which is why I'm continuing to do it!

I'm a bit of an experimental kind of cook... lol

Here is a previous post where many people contributed their own recipes:


Zest :-)

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