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Lunch & a Bank Holiday Monday Walk :-)

Hi everyone,

My lunch today was some Chicken Broth (which is actually the Chicken casserole I made in my slow-cooker on the weekend), and a Seeded bread roll with butter. I sprinkled some Parmesan cheese on top.

I have also included the Fitbit data from a walk I took this morning - it was 34 minutes of 'cardio' and 52 minutes of 'fat burn' apparently - and it was 9,678 steps (which is 7.26kms) and apparently I burned 716 calories!

I really enjoyed my walk - it is such beautiful weather out there. 8-)

Hope you're having a relaxing and enjoyable Bank Holiday Monday.

Zest :-)

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Hi Zest, The casserole has made a great soup and I love seeded bread rolls.

And you've got off to a great start towards your pledge. This shows how with a bit of effort we can make a difference to our health and feel better for it, so you're setting a great example. It's interesting to me because when I ride 32Km (20miles) I burn around the same amount of calories.

Here's a useful calculator for calories burnt during walking, depending on walking speed and body weight:


When you're out on your travels say hello to the moo cow as she's a celeb on here now...😊

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Hi Jerry

That website is interesting with the calculator for calories burnt, thanks for that! :-)

I'll be sure to say 'Hi' to the Celebrity Moo Cow when I'm out and about later.

Zest :-)

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