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It's the Weekend!!! :-)


Hi everyone,

I am excited that the weekend is here. Hoping to get out and do some walking, and I took this photo yesterday of the Yellow Gorse bushes along the cliff-tops.

My breakfast today was my usual Porridge, with mixed nuts, seeds and fruit. I was happy to include strawberries again. I really like them.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Zest :-)

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Good morning Zest, I'm glad to see you've got some more strawberries for your porridge which as usual looks lovely and healthy.

This is such a lovely time of year with everything coming into bloom so thanks for posting this lovely sea view with that gorse.

So you enjoy your weekend we want our food voyeur to keep happy and healthy. 😊

ZestStar in reply to Jerry

Hi Jerry

Thanks, and hope you have a lovely weekend - and here's to continued Food Voyeurism. An enjoyable pastime.

Zest :-)

very nice once again Zest. Is that gorse? those yellow flowers. i used to do a lot of hill walking when i was younger and loved walking amongst heather flowers. Im sure that there were fruits that looked like blue berries but they might have been called billberries. i must google billberries as its so long ago when i was 7 or 8 so nearly 60 years ago there were always rows of yellow gorse bushes too. lots of rabbits running around and it really was wonderful. it was the pentland hills i went to, you'v probably not heard of them, as they are not especially important or metioned anywhere. You seem to have a happy spirit. i cant stand the week end. i like mondays the best as the week end is over. i do hope that you have a lovely week end and a nice rest too. love grace xoxo 😀

ZestStar in reply to grace111

Hi Grace,

Yes, you and Jerry both spotted that it's Gorse. Lovely that you enjoyed hill walking and saw lots of Heather flowers and the Bilberries too - I remember doing the same, and it's a beautiful thing. I was walking in the Lake District at the time, very beautiful. I will have to look up the Pentland Hills - as I've not heard of them.

I try to have a Happy Spirit - and manage to achieve it much of the time. I do like the saying 'This too will pass' though - as that helps me get through the times that are a bit more challenging to the spirit.

Glad you like Mondays though! At least you can look forward to it, and it'll be in a couple of days - and the weekend 'will pass'.

I think I'm going to go out for a walk soon.

Zest :-) xxx

grace111 in reply to Zest

yes Zest my favourite saying is also this to shall pass.

oh i just read Jerry's reply and it is gorse.

ZestStar in reply to grace111

Hi again Grace,

I just had a look at the Pentland Hills - it looks a very nice area:

Maybe you've been on some of the walks they listed there.

Zest :-)

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