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Not a pretty picture!


This may not look like the nicest dinner but it really was very nice!

I made pasta sauce by blending three avocados with 4 garlic cloves, fresh lemon and lime juice, a small piece of tofu and salt and pepper.

Then I cooked two types of mushrooms, sliced chestnuts, red chili, red pepper, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and sesame seeds in avocado oil. I then cooked organic spelt fusilli pasta. Mixed it all together with the gorgeous, creamy avocado pasta sauce and it was beyond delicious! ❤️

Hope you’ve all had delicious dinners and a lovely day!

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Hi jojo225

I would definitely enjoy that meal - it is great. Glad you enjoyed it.

Zest ☺

jojo225 in reply to Zest

Thanks Zest! It was delicious!

I bet this was very nice. I made a similar thing last night with silken tofu which I had never had before instead of avocado and served it with rice instead of pasta. I was surprised how tasty it was!

jojo225 in reply to Agoodenough

Wow sounds lovely! I’ve never heard of silken tofu - I’m new to tofu in general but will definitely look out for that!

Agoodenough in reply to jojo225

Thank you. I am new to it as well. I am starting to have it occasionally as a change. Make sure you buy the organic one x


Fantastic healthy meal here jojo225. 😊

jojo225 in reply to Jerry

Thanks Jerry!

Looks great! Literally everything I can’t eat but looks great! ☺️

dang in reply to dang

Just re-read, out of all those ingredients the only one I can eat is salt 😂 so it may look a little gross to you, but to me it looks delicious and I’m jealous 😉

jojo225 in reply to dang

Oh no! So sorry you can’t eat these things! I hope you enjoyed whatever you could eat!

dang in reply to jojo225

Thanks! I actually make a dish really similar to this all the time, but with different veggies mixed in (I’m Histamine intolerant so I substitute with low histamine veggies), and a gluten free pasta cuz I’m also gluten intolerant.

jojo225 in reply to dang

Knowing your food triggers must be really helpful! Good that you can alternate with things you can enjoy! X

Looks great

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