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Cream of Onion Soup for Lunch :-)


Hi everyone,

I had lunch out today, and chose Cream of Onion Soup. I really enjoyed it, and now I'm wondering if anyone has a good recipe for Cream of Onion soup that they have tried - because I'd like to try to do the same at home.

So if you happen to have a good recipe that you could share, I would love to hear about it.

I'm presuming that I could just use white onions, some vegetable stock and then maybe a bit of cream? Or would I need to add any other thickener, e.g. potatoes? I'm not sure... Any ideas? I know I could just look online for recipes, but I fancied asking within the Healthy eating community for ideas first.

Zest :-)

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The soup looks really great, Zest. I tend to have potatoes added in my soup if we have some here at the house or I get potoato cheese soup when I go out to eat (if it comes with the meal). Really good choice.

ZestStar in reply to Activity2004

Thanks Activity2004 - that does sound like a good option. :-)

Zest :-)


Hi Zest, Your onion soup looks lovely, I have made onion soup with carrots, celery and ginger, which goes well with it. Potatoes would thicken it up as well.

I look forward to seeing a photo as no doubt it will be the biz.😊

ZestStar in reply to Jerry

Hi Jerry,

I like the sound of your Onion Soup - especially that you add ginger - I love ginger in anything. Thanks! :-) I may make some later in the week. I still have quite a few white onions left - and would like to make some soup to freeze. :-)

Zest :-)

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