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Stir-fry for Dinner Tonight :-)

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Hi everyone,

I enjoyed a very colourful Stir-fry for dinner tonight, followed by a delicious dessert, as it's Easter Monday, and I fancied a yummy dessert.

The noodles were called 'Vermicelli Rice Noodles' and I've not used them before, but they were tasty and very quick to cook.

The stir-fry contains all sorts - including some mange tout, baby sweetcorns, pak choi, broccoli, chilli peppers, red peppers, ginger, passata, white onions, and chicken. Will definitely do that again, as it was really delicious. I sprinkled some Parmesan cheese on top, to serve.

Hope you're having a lovely evening.

Zest :-)

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😋Enjoy your colourful meal..Absolutely delicious I am assuming..🍴🍽😋

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ZestStar in reply to avoid-sugar

Hi avoid-sugar - yummy! :-)

Zest :-)

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Hey Zest ,👩‍🍳 this is really colourful and vibrant and looks delicious, the sweet looks special too and is yummy and delicious... you're not giving much away on this one...LOL 😊

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ZestStar in reply to Jerry

Hi Jerry,

There are a couple of portions left of the Apple crumble, but they're in the freezer now, and will be de-frosted for next weekend. :-)

Zest :-)

It looks delicious 😋 I love a stir fry

I hope you have a nice evening

Rosie 😊 xx

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ZestStar in reply to rosie-2015

Hi Rosie,

Thanks - a stir-fry is a delicious thing, I agree. :-)

I did have a lovely evening thanks, and I hope you've had a great weekend.

Zest :-) xx

this looks stunning Zest. what a wonderful cook you are. xoxo

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ZestStar in reply to grace111

Thanks so much Grace, you're very kind. :-)

Zest :-) xx

That's just my kind of supper , looks lovely but simple to do and a nice fresh stir fry is going on my menu this week!

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ZestStar in reply to elliebath

Hi elliebath,

Yes, it's so simple to do, but so delicious. I am definitely hoping to cook more stir-fries in the coming weeks.

Hope you enjoy yours! :-)

Zest :-)

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That sounds lovely, xOceanx - I hope you enjoyed it. :-)

Zest :-)

looks tasty

Hi feelslikethewalkingdead

Thank you, it was very tasty.

Zest :-)

I plan a stir fry tomorrow. Is it possible to use cooked chicken?I will use the same ingredients as you with some water chestnuts and bamboo shoots.

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ZestStar in reply to Ouanne

Hi Ouanne

Yes, you can use cooked chicken - I do that sometimes, and it works out fine. Just ensure you heat it through thoroughly, and you'll be fine! I hope you enjoy it. :-)

Zest :-)

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Ouanne in reply to Zest

Many thanks Zest.

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