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Pledging to do Strength Training Exercise this week :-)


Hi everyone,

Just putting a pledge to do more consistent Strength Training this week - to complement my Healthy Eating and Exercise Goals. :-)

So I am showing my 'tools' - which include some Kettlebells, hand weights, and resistance bands.

I will hope to do this on alternate days - with plenty of Cardio exercise on the other days (walking and hopefully some Running as well).

Here is a link about 'Warming up' before undertaking exercise, as this can help prevent injury:

I will pledge to try to report back on what I actually achieve in this thread, as it will then hopefully motivate me to 'act on the intentions' - because last week I tried to motivate myself to do more Strength Training - but didn't follow through on the action.

Here's to a great week ahead.

Zest :-)

p.s. How to stretch after exercise:

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Just wondering if anyone else does any Strength Training, and if so, what kind of things you do? How often do you do it, and for how long? So if anyone is reading this and would like to share their experiences, I would like to hear, as I am intending to just try to do a few 'repetitions' of using the Kettlebell, and my resistance bands, and I might possibly use the purple hand weights too - I do use them when I use a Core Strength DVD. Talking of which - I hope to do 15 minutes at least today - as a starting point - so that's my goal for today. :-)

Update: I've done 30 minutes today! More than I anticipated - I did a Core strength DVD, which takes approx 20 minutes to do - and after that I did 20 repetitions of using the 8kg kettle bell - doing pull-ups; and then squats with it for another 20 repetitions; and then I did 20 press-ups; and finally 20 Resistance band repetitions. :-)

Feeling good! :-)

Zest :-)

JerryAdministrator in reply to Zest

Hi Zest, I use weights every morning for a HIT workout which really gets my circulation going.

I also ride my bike regularly and have hills that I sprint up to make my ticker pump.

I had inflamed kidneys which left me weakened so I took up weight training and then I started using them when I was watching TV and that really helped speed up the muscle build up and now I just have a quick workout as fast and hard as I can first thing and then make my breakfast which works for me.

Some of your 'tools' look perfect for a work out when the adverts come on just give Mr Zest plenty of space as we don't want any casualties👩‍🍳🤸‍♀️ 🤕...and I really like your rugs and your teddy...😊

ZestStar in reply to Jerry

Hi Jerry,

Thanks so much for sharing details of your Strength training work-out - and you're right, doing a few repetitions during some adverts would be an excellent idea. I will warn Mr Zest - so he stays safe. :-) Truth be told, the green Kettlebell is his - not mine - so he may possibly join in the exercises! :-) N.B. Thanks to Grace for pointing out that I should warm up first before attempting exercises - and stretch afterwards is likely to be beneficial too - to prevent injuries, so I'll follow that advice - thank you grace111 :-)

I really do think that pledging publicly like this will get better results, so I would recommend to others to do the same, if there's a goal they want to achieve. It's certainly motivating me - but I know it's only Monday... lol

Zest :-)

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ZestStar in reply to Hidden

Hi Grace,

Thanks! I will have a look at that video, and will give it a go.

I appreciate your help. :-)

Zest :-) xx

grace111 in reply to Zest

its not good to just start lifting weights in between adverts. it sounds good but you must warm up first or you could hurt yourself.

ZestStar in reply to grace111

Thanks Grace, I'll make sure that I do warm up, and I'll put a little message next to where I wrote it before, so that if anyone reads it, they'll make sure they warm up too - so as not to hurt themselves. Very sensible. :-)

ZestStar in reply to grace111

Hi again Grace,

I just did the video, and it was really good - I can definitely feel my arm muscles now! I struggled to do the tricep dips though - I couldn't actually do them, but maybe I'll get stronger. I did the push-ups fine, and everything else too - but just the tricep dips she did on the floor - they were too hard for me - but I'll work on getting better! I thought it was an excellent work-out, and I'll aim to do it again on Friday. :-)

I bet you have great arms, if you've been doing that regularly.

Zest :-)

well done Zest. I did not do them either as its important to strenghten the muscles first,i think anyway. I like her because she has a few videos and they are not to long so easy to accomplish. i always go back to her if iv not been exercising for a while. love grace xoxo

ZestStar in reply to grace111

Thanks Grace, I enjoyed it. :-)

Zest :-) xx

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