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It's the Weekend & I'm Pledging some Goals! :-)

Hi everyone,

I really love weekends, and today is no exception. I've enjoyed my meals so far, which include:

Breakfast: Porridge with nuts, fruits and seeds and some Coconut Kefir on top sprinkled with chia and Cinnamon. Very tasty. :-)

Lunch: Smoked haddock with poached egg on 1.5 pieces of wholemeal toast with butter followed by a piece of homemade fruity seeded banana cake and coffee.

I haven't done any exercise yet - so I am hoping to get out for a walk later, or failing that, I'll try to do some strength exercises at home.

Pledging my goals for the Weekend & Next week:

I am going to try to do some Strength exercises in a more 'focused' way - i.e. I am hoping to 'do the exercises' rather than think about them, so hope to do a minimum of 15 minutes, every other day. Just lately, the intention has been there, but not the action. So writing it here - I hope to make them happen more consistently. :-)

Regarding my food, I am hoping to go back to intermittent fasting, where I don't eat any snacks after my evening meal (i.e. after approx 6.30pm or 7pm) - and that will hopefully help me to keep on track for the weekend and hopefully next week too.

If you want to share any goals/objectives for your weekend - to make it healthier (relating to your food and/or your exercise goals) - then feel free to join me in pledging something you'd like to achieve.

Zest :-)

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Hi Zest,

Great meals here and your porridge looks the real deal with fruit nuts and coconut kefir... eggs on toast and fruit cake now they're fave's of mine too.

As for your pledges I think its good to remind ourselves of what we really want and go for it.

It's going to get easier getting more exercise as the clocks go forward tomorrow as suddenly it will be daylight until 7-30pm and I really like that .🌞

And you enjoy your weekend. 😊


Oh yes, a great reminder that the clock's are going forwards an hour - I always remember it by "Spring Forwards' and 'Fall Backwards' - actually I think I need to let a friend know that I told her the wrong way, earlier today, and I hope she won't pay attention to me, and get it wrong... lol

Zest :-)


Yes I would like to pledge a goal! It actually began yesterday, which is daily do some sort of deliberate exercise. Hopefully forever, but pledging through to my birthday in September.


Yesterday spent the day walking along the shores of Lake Michigan with my brother. Run across an old metal swing set which I was able to use for some modified pull ups and stretching. Felt wonderful

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Hi Hidden,

Great that you're pledging a goal, and that you've already started yesterday - such a great goal to pledge ongoing exercise - and brilliant to hear about your walk along the shores of Lake Michigan with your brother. Great that you did those modified pull-ups and stretching too - great start! Glad you felt wonderful. :-) That's a really great feeling, and I hope you get more moments like that. :-)

Zest :-)


Thank you so much Zest. I’m more convinced than ever that exercise is the “secret” to the fountain of youth. And of course Healthy Eating

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I agree with you! Exercise is a key part, definitely, and combined with healthy eating, it adds up to a healthy life-style. :-)


Just popping back to say that I managed to get out for my walk, and here was a photo of the view:


Plus, my dinner as well - I like to combine photos of great walks with delicious food. :-)

Zest :-)

Will be doing some Strength exercises tomorrow - maybe using my kettle bell and my resistance bands. :-)


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