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Breakfast today :-)


Hi everyone,

I am just sharing a photo that a friend took of her dog taking a shine to the Snowman's Carrot nose - as it made me smile. I hope you like it too. :-)

I had my usual porridge breakfast with various fruits, nuts and seeds. I am enjoying a day off today. It is snowing here, but so far it hasn't settled.

Hope you are warm and dry, and most importantly safe today.

Zest :-)

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Love the photo of the dog meeting up with the snowman !

ZestStar in reply to miopus

It is lovely, isn't it. Really heart-warming. :-)

I too had porridge and flaxseed . Following all advice on here. Thank you. Doggie going for healthy choice also

ZestStar in reply to Scrit1

Hi Scrit1,

Glad you enjoyed your breakfast, it sounds yummy. Yes, the doggie is enjoying that Carrot :-)

Zest :-)


Great photo Zest It put a smile on my face, great brekkie too...😊

ZestStar in reply to Jerry

Thanks Jerry - it's good to smile on a cold day like today! :-)

JerryAdministrator in reply to Zest


My breakfast was quite obscene today, I'm not doing it again. I've been keto for a week now and I've just hit the point where I'm not hungry at all between meals (which I will have to start reducing from today on because I cant fit in any lunch.) I didn't realise I'd hit this point 'till after breakfast...

I had ( because I've been having to cram in the calories with the reduced carb. intake ) one and a half salmon fillets, (my daughter didn't want half of hers) two fried eggs, two hand-fulls of mushrooms, a handful of cherry tomatoes, a whole red pepper and a whole avocado.

I'm so full and I had this at seven this morning. I'm going to have to halve everything from now on

ZestStar in reply to mdr1000

Hi mdr1000,

I can see how you'd be feeling full after your breakfast - I bet it looked great on the plate - I wish I'd seen it! Are you going to post a photo sometime? It would be lovely to see it. I am a bit of a 'food voyeur' - I can't seem to help myself. I love looking at photos of people's meals. :-)

Hope you are enjoying the day.

Zest :-)

mdr1000 in reply to Zest

Mine don't usually look great, just dumped onto a plate, haha. I'm usually doing four different breakfasts (or variations of two) in between walking the dog and walking to work/school with the kids, so it can be quite hectic.

I'll try and put one on when I've got one of my kids' ipads (though theyre not allowed them at the table...). I'm not a huge fan of technology, my phone is some type of Nokia -it doesn't actually say which type on the phone. I use it for calls and text messages.

A relative of mine, just paid £800 for a phone. I was disgusted that mine cost £15. If I had a spare £800 it certainly wouldn't go on a small electronic rectangle no matter what it was capable of!

ZestStar in reply to mdr1000

That is fair enough. :-) Your breakfast-time does sound like a busy and hectic time, with lots going on. :-)

What a lovely moment to snap a photo. Looks like a friendly meeting.

I like the healthy looking breakfast.

I wish I had photographed some muffins I made on Saturday. They were Fruit and Fibre cereal muffins and were deliciously moreish. I had to give some away otherwise I would have 'woofed' the lot.

Hope you enjoy your day off work.

ZestStar in reply to Roset16

Hi Roset16,

I would have loved to see your Muffins - Fruit & Fibre Cereal Muffins sounds fantastic! :-) I think I would enjoy those! :-)

Thanks for your lovely comments on my breakfast, and also on the lovely photo that my friend took of her dog meeting the snowman. I will tell her about the lovely comments, she'll be very happy. :-)

Hope you're having a really good day, and staying warm and cosy too, if you can!

Zest :-)

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