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Is what I eat in a day, considered healthy?


I'm currently trying to lose weight, however I literally have no idea whether my diet is considered healthy or if my portion sizes are correct. I'm 17 and 5,9 plus a vegetarian (I'm not going to say how much I weigh because it's triggering to me, however I'm in the 'healthy' range). This is what I ate today:

- Medium berry smoothie (1 banana, 5 strawberries, handful of frozen mango + milk)

- 2 carrots with 1 and a bit spoonfuls of hummus

- Small bowl of greek yoghurt with oats, almonds and a drizzle of honey

- 1/2 green apple with smear of peanut butter

- other half of apple with nothing on it

- 1 banana

- 5 bottles of water (it was really hot today but on a daily basis I would have 3)

- 7 wholegrain crackers with Vegemite and avocado

- Dinner: less than a palm full of quinoa, handful of spinach, handful of green beans, 1 cracker, 4 strawberries

- One small square of chocolate slice (oops..)

I've really tried to step up my diet as I used to eat heavy cereals, 2 smoothies a day, binge on sweets etc. btw.. I'm new so I'm sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section/heading. Thanks in advance (:

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You appear to be eating almost nothing at all, so I'd have to say no, it's really not healthy. Your whole day's ration is about what I eat for breakfast :)

First, try not to fret over your weight. I know it's hard not to get emotionally invested in it, but losing weight is a project just like any other: it needs a game plan, some sensible goals, and time. There are no shortcuts. I can understand why you're doing what you're doing because the standard advice from experts is to "eat less", so you're working on the assumption that eating small meals will help you lose weight faster. The calories-in, calories-out brigade will assure you that this is true. Unfortunately it not only doesn't work, it'll send you into a spiral of hunger, bingeing and self-blame when you realise that it doesn't work (reading between the lines, I suspect you've spent many years actually caught in this spiral, hence the triggering).

The first step you need to take is to start enjoying your meals again. You are not committing some heinous crime either against yourself or against humanity by eating a delicious, filling meal. And you can do that and STILL lose weight.

I suggest getting used to a big, hearty breakfast, which will set you up for the rest of the day. If you're OK with eggs, have a big cheese omelette (2-3 eggs) or a frittata with some vegetables you like. Cook it in coconut oil or butter (I use a mixture of both). Eat your bowl of Greek yoghurt. A proper serving, not half a spoonful. Have a bit of (unsweetened) muesli if you like it, with maybe a third of a banana, or a few nuts. Make an avocado salad (half an avocado, a bit of chopped tomato and red onion, some green leaves, and fresh coriander). Oh, and a coffee, if you drink coffee. Put some cream in it (but not sugar - use sweeteners if you have to). Yes, that lot is JUST BREAKFAST. And I'm absolutely serious: it's a weight loss breakfast.

Once you've got used to that breakfast routine you'll be in a much better position to adjust the rest of your meals. The key to all this is not to reduce your portion sizes, but simply to stop eating things that make you fat. If you feel full, it's easy.

mdr1000 in reply to TheAwfulToad

I like your breakfast ( minus the dairy - only 'cause it makes me feel like I'm dying, haha.)

TheAwfulToad in reply to mdr1000

Yeah, some people just can't cope with dairy, which sucks; for me life would be a lot duller without cheese :)

Have you tried 'live' Greek yoghurt though? A large amount of the lactose has been fermented to lactate (which your body can burn for fuel) and the rest of it is basically fat and protein. You might be OK with it.

mdr1000 in reply to TheAwfulToad

I love Greek yoghurt and cheese but it makes me feel so rough. I had pains in the bottom of my intestines so bad once, I actually dropped the pencil I was drawing with.

Shame, I loved dolcelatte...

I'm no expert but I'd have to say that for me, if I ate that every day, I'd be like the side of a house.

For me there's too much sugar and my body would be turning that into fat to store because it would think I was starving with such a small amount of food.

For someone coming off refined sugar, it's fab but if your trying to lose weight, it sounds a bit sugar heavy and not nearly enough to eat. The healthiest things I see in your list are the almonds, the banana, the avocado and the chocolate ( if it was over 75% cocoa solids).

I'd say you need loads more food, lower in sugar and higher in plant fats and proteins if your veggie. If you could eat fish, would you?

I'm paleo ( keto for this month ) and I eat a ton of veg with every meal.

One of my uber healthy vegan friends would have your entire days food for a snack. I'm not joking or being sarcastic or anything, they would. Maybe not all the water in one go, haha.

If you're in the healthy range, just eat loads of fruit and veg and nuts and plant proteins. I'd have said that'll keep you healthy and in a good mood which is the main thing.

I'd get some opinions from professionals (who aren't trying to sell you anything though, like diet plans or 'healthy' snack trays ) however.

I struggled through my teens with weight of the unhealthy nature so understand totally if you have body image issues but if you don't, health, feeling satisfied after a meal, happiness and mood should be your priorities.

Best wishes

pawstel in reply to mdr1000

thanks for the great reply! Just a quick question - You said my diet was sugar heavy and I'm guessing that it is coming from the fruit? should I calm down with it? how much fruit is too much? thanks again.

mdr1000 in reply to pawstel

For me, it's the smoothie which is a bit on the sugary side, once you've blitzed it up, the sugars starts to change. The breaking down of them is the job your body should be doing once you've consumed them whole. Also the honey - if your trying to lose weight that is.

I have no idea if this is actually true for you though.That's why I'd take all this information, verify it for yourself by doing a bit of research and discuss your findings with a professional dietitian or nutritionist.

As to how much is too much? Everybody's different, I usually have as much fruit as I like but I feel a bit starchy after the winter. I've been eating potatoes and sweet potatoes and dates about four times a week for the past three months which makes me put a bit of weight on and feel generally sluggish so I'm on extremely low carbs of a sugar and starchy nature but just for March.

I'm off fruit completely till April but I'm having loads of broccoli, cauliflower, courgettes, avocados, tomatoes peppers, nuts, aubergines, onions and olives.

If I had a smoothie every day, I'd go up a clothes size in about two months. Sad, but I can have banana pancakes a few times a week layered up with almond butter and 75% cocoa chocolate which is really not to be sniffed at!

Good luck whatever you do.

thank you everyone for your informative replies! This has actually helped me incredibly as this was the first time hearing other peoples perspective on my diet. I'll definitely take in your suggestions (: cheers.

RignoldKeto star

really don't drink soy milk. Or any kind of soy product that has not been fermented.


The foods you list are all healthy enough in their own right but for overall health I think your balance is a bit off. That's a lot of fruit in one day and though fruit is great in small quantities as it provides micronutrients and fibre there's a lot of sugar too, your list also looks low on protein and fat (bar the avocado). There are plenty of ways to include more protein as a vegetarian, pulses for one (and quinoa but a bigger portion) protein and fat can come from eggs, dairy, nuts or dairy alternatives if you prefer. Some of the fruit could be replaced with more veg.

Now to the reasons for weight loss - by mentioning triggering it sounds as though you may have had some history with eating problems. So check whether your weight loss goal is a healthy one. You say you are within the healthy range, the "range" exists because of genetics: your bone structure and musculature. So deciding where you should be within the healthy range depends on your frame size, if you have a very petite bone structure and not naturally muscly then being in the lower half of the range is fine, but for someone (like me) with an average pelvic and rib cage size and solidly muscular legs like all my female relatives on mothers side, I wouldn't be aiming below the middle of the range.

Or if you want to look more toned consider staying at you current weight but exercising instead to strengthen and build muscle but look slimmer?

Good luck, and make sure that what you eat is enjoyable and gives you enough fuel as well as healthy nutrients 😀

Hi I’m new to this site and in no way an expert but to me it doesn’t look like you are eating enough, and at 17 I wonder if you are over thinking your diet and approach to food. It’s great you want to eat well but don’t loose the love of food and treat yourself

That doesn't seem like a lot. I'm 5'2", sedentary, & eat more than you. Perhaps increase your portions by 20-25% & swap the peanut butter for healthier almond butter.

Vegemite is good for B12, I think, but you might want to look at adding some iron rich foods or a supplement. I take iron daily & either nutritional yeast or a B complex, as well as magnesium, & aim to get other nutrients from my food.

The Vegetarian & Vegan Societies websites are good for nutritional advice. This app is good for recipes:

Cut out your dairy and eggs, and losing weight will be easy.. Fiber such as greens, and beans are the key to weight loss. Sincerely a girl whom was vegetarian for 11 years, but has been a vegan for a year and lost 50 pounds.


You need a lot more protein. A lot. You are still growing at 17 and even when we are not growing, protein is essential for our body to repair itself & generally function. You also need more calories. If you are a vegetarian - or even if not - pulses (chickpeas, beans, lentils) are a great healthy way to increase protein and calories. I have to disagree with Lalala, eggs are your friend. Also try other whole grains like bulgar wheat, freekah, brown rice. And less fruit. I’d go for more normal meals, rather than fruit based snacks. Veg Chilli with brown rice, Big salads with whole grains, hearty soups with vegetables & lentils. Fruit does have sugar - so in moderation. Do you need to lose weight - probably not if you are in the healthy range - , or do you want to look like a model? You don’t need to answer that here, but if the latter, maybe see your GP for advice or talk to an adult you trust - does your school or college have a counsellor? We old ladies know that dealing with a distorted body image now will save you from years of a bad relationship with food.

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