Healthy Eating

Day 1

Hi guys

So some of you may have seen me asking how to curb the sugary cravings and how I’ve piled on a stone and a half in the last few month. Well yesterday something just clicked and I felt like it was time to start and make some changes. I ate relatively healthier than I have been I had poached eggs and 1 slice of toast, 1 lemon Greek yogurt for my breakfast. Lunch: jacket potato, tuna, salad and beetroot. I did slip slightly and had a small bag of magic stars 🙈 then went for a 60 min walk with the dogs and then a brocolli cheese pasta and grapes and yoghurt (and 2 custard creams) for dinner.

Although I did have a couple of minor set backs it’s a great improvement for me from what I used to eat just days before and all the sugar cravings I had... I also made myself some overnight oats to have this morning for breakfast with grapes and banana so I will see how those are and will be taking the dogs out for another long power stroll too.

Feeling super positive today and really hope that this time is the start of some big changes!

All help and support so far has been greatly appreciated and will be in future too.


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Hi Beef1996, well what a good start so well done and isn't it good waking up feeling positive.

Now my attitude to so say sweet treats is that they are basically empty of worse negative calories giving short term gratification/happiness followed by long term unhappiness so its awareness of what things really are. And then you've cracked it then as its no longer a quick fix diet, it is a new way of life leading to better health and happiness.

Another thing worth reminding yourself is: 'In 3 months time you'll be glad you did'

So keep it up and you're in good company on here for healthy eating...😊


Thank you 😀

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Hi Beef1996,

Really good that you are feeling more positive already - and that you've made some healthy changes. I hope you enjoyed your overnight oats for breakfast, and that you have a lovely power-walk with your dogs.

Wishing you an excellent day.

Zest :-)


My breakfast was lovely so I’m pleased as I’m quite the picky eater. It’s nice to have found something new healthy and still so nice to eat! Thanks you too 😊


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