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Healthy Heart Month - February 2018

Hi everyone,

You may notice that February 2018 is 'Healthy Heart Month' and in honour of that fact, I am wearing 'red' and have chosen a few 'red' themed photos for my post today - and I'm including a few articles on Heart Health and Healthy Eating that I thought were interesting:

British Heart Foundation Healthy Eating pages – and some information on ‘portion sizes’:


“The Best Heart Disease Blogs of the Year”compiled by Healthline:


How to look after your Heart (NHS Choices):


NHS Choices Healthy eating pages:


Article about the Benefits of Exercise on Cardiovascular Risk Factors:


Article about the benefits of eating nuts on heart health:


Article entitled "Dietary Fats & Coronary Heart Disease" by W. C. Willett (2012):


Article entitled: "Eat the Right Fish for Heart Health":


Healthline article entitled "Heart-Healthy Foods?":


Everyday Health article entitled: "The Best Diets for your Heart":


Everyday Health article entitled: "10 Diet Tips for Atrial Fibrillation Prevention"


I hope you found them interesting too.

Zest :-)

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Hi Zest, What a great photo of you so good you for wearing red today. Your meals and red theme looks fantastic too and the smiley face is great.

These are really good and very informative links, so thank you and good for you for supporting healthy heart month. ❤️ A healthy heart is one of the goals of eating a healthy diet too.

Jerry 😊


Thanks Jerry - glad you like the articles and photos :-)

Zest :-)


Great photos Zest and thanks for the links . As a fairly new angina sufferer I.will read the articles with interest later .

The colour Red is my wardrobe favourite so I shall have no trouble finding something to wear this month!

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Thanks elliebath,

I hope you enjoy reading the links, and that you find them helpful and interesting. I really like the colour 'Red' - bright and vivid, and I love to see it in Nature too - berries on the trees, as well as all the delicious fruits and vegetables that have reds in them. Lovely.

Hope you have a great day, and enjoy your days when you wear your Red favourites. :-)

Zest :-)


Hi Zest Red is my favourite colour so I wear it a lot. Last year I did the healthy hearts course. I think that is when I though I have to loos weight seriously. Till then I was not really serious. Now slowly on the down.


HI Caroline62,

Red is a lovely colour - so vibrant and it cheers me up when I see it. Great that it's your favourite. Also, really good that you did the Healthy Heart's Course, and that it helped you to focus on losing weight - and even better to hear you're successfully doing that, 'slowly on the down' - really great. :-) Onwards and Downwards - to use our well used 'motto'.

Wishing you an excellent week ahead.

Zest :-)


Thank you Zest you to have a good week.

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