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Primrose growing - Spring is here! My meals today :-)

Primrose growing - Spring is here!  My meals today :-)

Hi everyone,

I was delighted to spot a Primrose growing wild today - a definite sign that Spring is on the way.

Here are my meals from today.

Breakfast: Porridge with milk, nuts, seeds and fresh fruit and some dried fruit too. Approx 449 calories.

Lunch: A sourdough roll with a Minute Steak in it, and some Cous cous and feta cheese salads alongside - approx 483 calories.

Dinner: Smoked Haddock with 2 pieces of wholemeal bread and butter, and a poached egg. I wish I'd had some vine tomato to go with it, and was disappointed not to have any - but I still enjoyed it. :-) Approx 550 calories.

Hope everyone has had a really good day. I've also had a dessert at lunchtime (unusual for me in the week, but it was some bakewell tart and cream - approx 419 calories) and 23g dark chocolate after dinner (forgotten the calories for that), but including teas and coffees my total calories for today = 2,073.

Hope everyone is having a great day.

Zest :-)

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Hi Zest, how good is that seeing a primrose, Spring is definitely coming my snow drops are flowering in my garden 😊 the evening are drawing out too.

Your days meals are great and very healthy, the sourdough bread roll looks really interesting, its all healthy eating in action.

Jerry 😊


Hi Jerry,

I really like snow drops, but haven't seen any of those around here - you are lucky having some in your garden. Lovely!

Yes, the sourdough bread roll was really good. :-)

Zest :-)

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That's so lovely spotting a primrose - nice to think of spring now :)

I'm planning to go walking in the woods at the weekend, hopefully see some primroses too

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Hi benwl,

I hope you enjoy your walk today and that you see some primroses along your route. :-)

Have a lovely day.

Zest :-)


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