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Tasty meals today :-)

Tasty meals today :-)

Hi everyone,

Here are my meals for today:

Breakfast: 30g Porridge with 150ml semi-skimmed milk, fresh fruits (kiwi fruit, strawberries and blueberries), dried fruit (apricot), mixed seeds (chia, pumpkin and sunflower) and mixed nuts (2 Brazil nuts, 4 almonds and 3g walnuts) and a sprinkling of Ceylon Cinnamon on top - Approx 458 calories.

Lunch: Tomato and Basil soup (I bought a tin), and some Cheese bread (162g) and peanut butter, with some Apple Cider Vinegar as a dip for the bread - total calories: 674.

Followed by: Homemade fruit cake and coffee - 236 calories.

Dinner: Homemade Chicken & Vegetable Curry on a bed of Organic Black Rice and a sprinkling of flaked almonds on top - total calories: 543.

Followed by: 25g dark chocolate and a cup of coffee (141 calories).

My total calories for the day (which included a few more cups of tea and coffee) was 2,130 - and my personal allowance is between 2,000 and 2,200, so I was within my range.

Hope everyone is having a great day so far.

Zest :-)

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so delicious Zest. iv been starving now since i said i was going vegan its very difficult to change over. today i had sausage bacon and haggis when i visited my friend . not very vegan is it. oh well i enjoyed it. i will just keep the meat down to a minimum. xoxo


Hi Grace,

I am glad you enjoyed your meal today - I am sure it must be quite challenging to make the change over to being Vegan - but like you say, you can keep your meat down to a minimum, and transition at a pace that feels ok to you.

Hope you have a really great week.

Zest :-) xxx


Hi Grace,

I’m also making the transition to vegan. I started with changing 1 meal at a time. I’ve been struggling with what to make for lunch. So left that as my meat option because it was easy to plan for.

In the mean time I’ve been testing meat free options in supermarkets for quick dinners (because I do not have the energy to cook from scratch). Then making a vegan meal (that I can freeze leftovers) each weekend. Thus stocking up on vegan food, and building my confidence in making healthy options.


Hi Lilrhib,

I know your reply is to grace111, but I just wanted to wish you success with your transition to having Vegan foods - we have a section in Topics (just newly started) which is entitled 'Vegetarian/Vegan' - so that may be a place to look for some meal ideas as well - and a link is here if you want to have a look:


There is also some information in NHS Choices - in their Vegetarian & Vegan Pages:


Hope that's helpful too.

Zest :-)


Hi Zest, 👩‍🍳 this looks an amazing spread for a Monday and flaked almonds on the curry...it's all delicious,

Jerry 😊

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Hi Jerry,

Thanks, it was really delicious. I really enjoyed it.

Great that you're an Admin now - Congratulations and have a great week.

Zest :-)


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