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Pasta Bake tonight :-)

Pasta Bake tonight :-)

Hi everyone,

I did a Pasta Bake tonight, consisting of the following ingredients: Spinach pasta and some left-over wholemeal pasta, butter beans, parsnips, white onions, mushrooms, swede, some fresh tomatoes, a few new potatoes, some oregano spices, a tin of tomatoes, and some cheese on top for the remaining 20 minutes of baking.

It was really tasty. I hope you've enjoyed your evening meal tonight and please share details of your meal if you want to - it's nice to compare meal ideas.

Zest :-)

p.s. I've got another portion left for tomorrow, which will be even tastier, plus I don't need to cook tomorrow, just re-heat and serve. Yum!

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Hi Zest another delicious winter warmer here, I often think cooked foods are even nicer the next day, so enjoy your tea tonight 😊

Jerry 😊


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