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Breakfast on the weekend :-)


Hi everyone,

I'm happy it's the weekend. As a treat, I sometimes have a French breakfast (half of a Petit Dejeuner shared with my hubby) and half of a Goat's cheese and Spinach Omelette and a lovely coffee. I like to combine a walk - and enjoy the beautiful views, and I wanted to share the view today with you. Beautiful sunshine reflecting off the sea.

Hope you're enjoying the weekend.

Zest :-)

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Wow, both images look lovely

in reply to prawncess

Thanks prawncess - it is like being 'on holiday' at such times. Very enjoyable! :-)

omg! i’m jealous ;) this looks so good! i don’t do gluten anymore, but sometimes on the weekends i treat myself to organic grits (polenta) along with some yummy proteins.


Hi The_will_of_Jill,

Thanks for your lovely reply - I hope you're enjoying your weekend, and that if you had some Polenta today, that you enjoyed it!

Zest :-)


Hi Zest, looks like a good breakfast to me, I particularly like the sound of the goats cheese and spinach omelette. And what a beautiful view, followed by a walk, so it all sounds great to me.

Jerry 😊

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Thanks Jerry - I hope you're enjoying the weekend so far. :-)

Zest :-)

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